ZTE Nubia Z5 வெளியீட்டு தேதி

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You might have been already hearing about this upcoming ZTE உலகளாவிய Z5 எதிராக அதன் சொந்த எடுத்து வைத்து கொண்டு Oppo கண்டுபிடி 5 and even the quad-core Meizu எக்ஸ்2. இந்த ZTE உலகளாவிய Z5 is obviously a rival on that much awaited 5-inch Oppo quad-core phablet so here’s the latest news about this ZTE உலகளாவிய Z5 தேதி வெளியிட, விலை மற்றும் கண்ணாடியை.

ZTE Nubia Z5 phablet

ZTE Nubia Z5 phablet

ZTE Nubia Z5 Specs

For a refresher, here’s a short recap of what to expect on the specification highlights of the ZTE உலகளாவிய Z5:

  • 5.0-அங்குலம், 1080P display, 1920*1080 பிக்சல்கள் தீர்மானம்
  • Qualcomm APQ8064 quad-core processor, clocked at 1.5GHz
  • 13-megapixel camera
  • 2ஜிபி ரேம்
  • 3000mAh battery

Reports about the Antutu Benchmark results has been already circulating, and the figures are just astounding. It was said that on first tests, the ZTE Nubia Z5 is able to come up with a score of 22,690.

ZTE Nubia Z5

ZTE உலகளாவிய Z5

Release Date

Latest official news about the Nubia Z5’s official release time is reported to be on its upcoming new conference to be held in Beijing on December 26 this year. Pretty much a little bit late of a Christmas treat, isnt it.

ZTE Nubia Z5 - back

ZTE உலகளாவிய Z5 – மீண்டும்


Reported pricing of this ZTE உலகளாவிய Z5 is at 3499 yuan, which is at approxiately $560.

As far as we know, ZTE is able to market its products internationally, so any takers?

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