UMEOX A936: elegant de 4,7 polzades telèfon que sembla un Nokia Lumia!

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You might already heard about the UMEOX name in the Chinese phones manufacturing field somewhere else. I had failed to do a feature about this UMEOX A936 quan estava fresc des del mes passat, but thanks to the new photos of the UMEOX A936 posted online. Passa-ho bé geeks.



I just cant deny the fact that when I first saw this UMEOX A936, the photos reminded me of Nokia’s Lumias. No obstant això, this one is a 4.7 inch Android phone. Not much is known about this phone yet except for its Sharp-made screen, its 8MP/0.3MP cam combination and its rumored price. Aquesta UMEOX A936 is expected to carry the price tag of just 1688 yuan or $270.

UMEOX A936 - front

UMEOX A936 – front

Might be late for a dual core, isnt it? Honestly if this one comes out as a quad-core entry, it can outshine the other dual-core smartphones. Or the fact that it was inspired by the famous designer, Luigi Colaniso its price somehow feels luxurious.

UMEOX A936 - side

UMEOX A936 – side

Total, it really looks promising, I like the design, it looks just elegant. There are different color variants for it as you can see. The body is thin and really looks solid.

UMEOX A936 - back

UMEOX A936 – esquena

Reviewing the looks of the UMEOX A936, its a stand-out among the other Chinese Android phones we’ve seen. We’ll just update you once we can find more info about this UMEOX A936. Any takers?

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