ThL W7: 5,7 hazbeteko Phablet beste, itxura ZOPO ZP950

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ThL phablets handiagoa bandwagon sartu joango da, beren azken próximas aurkezteko ThL W7. Bere 5.7 dual-core hazbeteko phablet, zer genuen ikusi antzekotasun handi bat ZOPO ZP950 Phablet. Ari gara asko, berriz, zain quad-core ThL telefono, izan zen, gaur egun ezagutzen próximas egon ez dago, bera izango da ThL W7 phablet, baina quad-core barnekoak.

ThL W7

ThL W7

There is not much of information about the specifics on this TL W7, but it was anticipated to pack a 1GB of RAM, 8MP of snapper, and 2300mAh battery rating capacity.

ThL W7 - back

ThL W7 – itzuli

Expected price tag is at $250, still this number is not yet confirmed. It is still unclear if the ThL W7 was really intentionally made to look like the ZP950 or might be just a coincidence. Release date is also unknown, not too long but soon enough.


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