Nezaručený $250 Quad-core telefón od TCL

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With the upcoming MT6589 phones, and TCL as confirmed to be one of the first adopters of the said chip; we can expect that by December 15, a new quad-core phone from TCL will say hi to us.

Rumored price, just at $256 and for the full specs; read on.

TCL will start using the MT6589 quad-core chip with this one. TCL has been famous for its SHARK series, those waterproof dual-core Android phones such as the TCL S600 and TCL S800.

TCL quad-core MT6589 phone

TCL quad-core MT6589 phone

Geeks from China expects a 4 k 4.5-inches quad-core baby from TCL that will have a 720p display in resolution. Android 4.1 Jellybean has been sounding as well, in line with that to boast is a fully pledged 2GB pamäte RAM.

With this in the know, it is expected that other companies will start with that setting point in terms of pricing and specs.


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