Xiaomi மி வாங்குவது வைக்க 2 மலிவானது விலை கொண்ட

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அந்த Xiaomi மி 2 aka Xiaomi Phone 2 is definitely one of the top China phones that wow-ed the world. Because of its awesome and overwhelming specs, it is being anticipated by many smartphone enthusiasts, and include me on the list.

Xiaomi M2 Quad Core

Xiaomi மி 2 / Xiaomi M2 Quad Core

In case you still haven’t heard about this quad-core phone, that is said to be the first commercial device sporting the quad-core Krait processor; here’s a shortlist of the Xiaomi மி 2 highlights:

  • 1.5 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 processor
  • 4.3 அங்குலம் multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, Sharp ASV TFT screen, 720ப display
  • 2GB DDR3 RAM
  • 8MP CMOS camera, auto focus, LED flashlight, 2எம்.பி. முன் கேமரா
  • High capacity Li-ion battery, 2000mAh (3000mAh upgrade available)

For more info, feel free to read my Xiaomi மி 2 ஆய்வு on its specs, and everything related.

So now, the question that is being asked by many of us is:

Where to buy this Xiaomi Mi 2 தொலைபேசி, on cheapest price?

Many online shops has been listing this Xiaomi Phone 2 ஏற்கனவே, even if they do not have the phone in stock இன்னும். It then becomes a pre-order basis as this phone is expected (and hopefully) to arrive on late September-October, or just before the year ends (unless Xiaomi keeps up on its announcement).

நான் தெரியும், this phone was announced to have an SRP of just $313 (1990yuan). இன்னும், take note that the விலை might change once it gets officially released on stock for market. So we shall stay on our foot regarding the pricing.

Here’s a reason why I do not recommend getting this phone very early now:

Price might subject to change and you might be shedding more money if you get it via a pre-order. The price of the Xiaomi Mi 2 might go lower than expected.

But another thought just messes up with the decision of whether buying this phone earlier or not. Here’s why I advice you to get it up-front, with respect to its official release:

You will be one of the first to have the awesome phone. Then the stock might easily get shorted, and once this happens; in respect to the demand, price might get on a long way higher. That sucks.

So let’s get back to the thought on getting this one on preorder. What surprised me on seeing this phone on some Chinese online store listings இது, it was freakingly overpriced!

List of sites selling Xiaomi Mi 2 on pre-orders:

Let me show you some, I bet you are familiar with some of these sites.


xiaomi mi 2 on android-sale

xiaomi mi 2 on android-sale

$399.99 on android-sale. I never had an experience with them, the first time I heard of them being mentioned on other tech related blogs is: I honestly thought that they have low pricing on such goods as they are used as pricing reference for some upcoming devices. Seeing this, is uh, its up for you to decide.


xiaomi mi 2 on etotalk

xiaomi mi 2 on etotalk

$399 on etotalk. What I noticed on them is, when the phone isn’t on stock yet, they put $999 as pricing on their listing. But a reply on a visitor’s comment let us confirm that they will sell the Xiaomi Mi 2 phone on $399 price tag.


xiaomi mi 2 on ali express

xiaomi mi 2 on ali express

$430 on ali express. நன்றாக, obviously seems overpriced but yet they say that it is free shipping via DHL. Somehow explains that fact, but still it is really priced high. Another misconception on my end, as I thought that alibaba is a better place to get such kind of goods at relatively lower budget pricing.


xiaomi mi 2 on merimobiles

xiaomi mi 2 on merimobiles

$499 on merimobiles. lol wtf? Are they selling an iPad here? lol. What I know with this is, its not yet free shipping so if you are planning to get it (unless you really are some rich douchebag) from them via DHL, you need to add some few more bucks for the shipping fee. I definitely know that they aren’t the place to go when you are really on tight budget. But I know that they are legit, based on my personal experience in the past.


xiaomi mi 2 on fastcardtech

xiaomi mi 2 on fastcardtech

$369 on Fastcardtech. The lowest I could ever find. Sweet deal! Obviously, it is my winner and the sole answer on the said question. Not bad at $369, for a trusted Chinese company in this business. If you really got the itch to have this phone on your hand, then Fastcardtech is your best shot. Its an honest and dear advice. Click here to go on their official Xiaomi M2 listing page.

I do not have a long list of Chinese stores that do exists online, but even most of the shops I just heard and known aren’t listing this Xiaomi Phone 2 இன்னும். I just tried to check out those stores that I can remember. If you want to add some, let us know so we can as well check out their Xiaomi மி 2 listing sale.

To sum it up, this is why I really recommend Fastcardtech. Of all the online stores நான் தெரியும், they are the one with lowest pricing on such kinds of goods. Added the fact that I trust them and never disappointed me with their quality of goods and service, I strongly recommend Fastcardtech in case you are planning to buy the Xiaomi Mi-2 quad core phone as well.

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