IOCO Ai I9900: another cheap 1GHz phone for just $64

I know it guys, many still fancy some really cheap Android

UMI X2: چشمی اور تصویر میں انکشاف

Here goes UMI X2 or UMI XII, who’s excited?! UMI has

JiaYu G3 دفتری فرم ویئر اپ ڈیٹ (G3-20121129 082828-)

Good news to all JiaYu G3 users out there, JiaYu had

A86 G-پانچ: 4-انچ ڈبل کور میں $128

G-Five A86 aka KiVu A86 makes a comeback with an upgrade

افواہ $250 TCL سے فون پرمانیکتا کور

With the upcoming MT6589 phones, and TCL as confirmed to be

Coolpad 7290: 4.5-inch dual core Android for just $136

So we got here another cheap dual-core Android by the name

Fastcardtech Discount Coupon Codes for Christmas: 3-5% off!

Okay guys, Mahone from Fastcardtech just sent me these coupon codes

TCL S600: 4-انچ پنروک ڈبل کور کی لوڈ، اتارنا Android فون

The TCL S600 Shark has been already out for many months

10,000 فروخت کے لئے JiaYu G3 نومبر یونٹس 28

Just to let you know guys, news has been out that

نو N003: 5.3-HD سکرین کے ساتھ انچ پرمانیکتا کور کا اعلان کیا ہو جاتا ہے!

NEO, another manufacturer of Chinese Android phones, dips into the quad-core

فائر فلائی موبائل اوٹ ریٹنا ڈسپلے کے ساتھ صرف 3.5 انچ فون $80

FireFly Mobile presents us a not so high-end phone, but really