Konka W950: 4.3-inch dual-core MASCULINUS cum 3000mAh altilium veniet cito

Sic nuntium sunt ex, Konka is really pushing its W-series of

Changhong HONphone Z3: 4.5-inch qHD cum 3200mAh altilium, dual-core MAS

Here comes the Changhong HONphone Z3, a 4.5-inch dual-core Android device

Ioco enim i9900: alius cheap 1GHz phone pro iustus $64

Scio quod guys, many still fancy some really cheap Android

UMI x2: Specs et Images Revelata

Here goes UMI X2 or UMI XII, cuius 'excitatur?! UMI has

JiaYu G3 Officialis Firmware Update (G3-20121129-(LXXXII)DCCCXXVIII)

Good news to all JiaYu G3 users out there, JiaYu had

G-Quinque A86: 4-inch dual-core ad $128

G-Five A86 aka KiVu A86 makes a comeback with an upgrade

Diuulgari $250 Quad-core phone a TCL

With the upcoming MT6589 phones, and TCL as confirmed to be

Coolpad 7290: 4.5-inch dual core Android for just $136

So we got here another cheap dual-core Android by the name

Fastcardtech Discount Coupon Codes de Nativitate: 3-5% off!

Okay guys, Mahone from Fastcardtech just sent me these coupon codes

MIGO G9098: 4.3-inch IMPERVIUS, shockproof et dustproof qHD phone. Non iustus quotidiano Sinis phone.

Here goes MIGO making its own noise with its latest flagship

TCL S600: 4-inch IMPERVIUS dual-core MASCULINUS phone

The TCL S600 Shark has been already out for many months

10,000 JiaYu G3 unitates venale on November 28

Just to let you know guys, news has been out that