LeWa ROM pro JiaYu G3

Terebravisse defalta MAS 4.0 UI on your original JiaYu

Quad-Core MT6589 Features, Probatio temptationes et Results

So this quad-core MT6589 chip gets benchmark tested by Engadget China.

ZOPO ZP950 Max: Recensete, Specs et cursus sapien de latest 5.7-inch ZOPO Phablet

It was quite some time since this latest flagship phone from

Vsun Mobile i9: $48 dual-core, 4-inch Petrus Pan MASCULINUS phone

A 520 Yuan ($84) nunc down ut iustus 299 Yuan ($48),

BlueBo L100 gets 5.5-inch qHD screen nunc!

If you still remember about BlueBo L100, from 4.7-inch screen and

HDC VIA LACTEA Note 2 GT H7100: 5.4-inch dual core qHD MAS 4.1 JellyBean, precii solum $155

Just another HDC Galaxy Note 2 variant hic, but then again

Konka W950: 4.3-inch dual-core MASCULINUS cum 3000mAh altilium veniet cito

Sic nuntium sunt ex, Konka is really pushing its W-series of

Changhong HONphone Z3: 4.5-inch qHD cum 3200mAh altilium, dual-core MAS

Here comes the Changhong HONphone Z3, a 4.5-inch dual-core Android device

Ioco enim i9900: alius cheap 1GHz phone pro iustus $64

Scio quod guys, many still fancy some really cheap Android

UMI x2: Specs et Images Revelata

Here goes UMI X2 or UMI XII, cuius 'excitatur?! UMI has

JiaYu G3 Officialis Firmware Update (G3-20121129-(LXXXII)DCCCXXVIII)

Good news to all JiaYu G3 users out there, JiaYu had