L100 BlueBo 5,5 hazbeteko pantaila qHD lortzen now!

If you still remember about BlueBo L100, from 4.7-inch screen and

HDC Galaxia Oharra 2 GT H7100: 5.4-hazbeteko dual core qHD Android 4.1 JellyBean, bakarrik tasatuak $155

Just another HDC Galaxy Note 2 aldaera hemen, but then again

Konka W950: 4.3-hazbeteko dual-core 3000mAh bateria coming soon Android

Beraz, berriak dira, Konka is really pushing its W-series of

Changhong HONphone Z3: 4.5-bateria 3200mAh qHD hazbeteko, dual-core Android

Here comes the Changhong HONphone Z3, a 4.5-inch dual-core Android device

I9900 For Ioco: beste bat besterik ez 1GHz telefono merkea $64

It guys ezagutzen ditut, many still fancy some really cheap Android

UMI X2: Specs eta irudiak agerian

Here goes UMI X2 or UMI XII, who’s excited?! UMI has

JiaYu G3 Ofiziala Firmware Update (G3-20121129-082828)

Good news to all JiaYu G3 users out there, JiaYu had

G-Bost A86: 4-hazbeteko dual-core $128

G-Five A86 aka KiVu A86 makes a comeback with an upgrade

Rumored $250 Quad-core TCL telefono

With the upcoming MT6589 phones, and TCL as confirmed to be

Coolpad 7290: 4.5-inch dual core Android for just $136

So we got here another cheap dual-core Android by the name

Fastcardtech Discount Coupon Codes for Christmas: 3-5% off!

Ongi guys, Mahone from Fastcardtech just sent me these coupon codes