Jiayu G2S gradniki družbe za prodajo na novoletni dan

The JiaYu G2 might be overshadowed by the existence of the really great

POHOD Pandora QI začne prodajati na Kitajskem, Phantom TI slediti

What on earth are those phone model names? Dobro, if you

UMEOX A936: Eleganten 4,7-palčni telefon, ki izgleda kot Nokia Lumia!

You might already heard about the UMEOX name in the Chinese phones manufacturing

Happy Holidays to all! Cheers for the new year! -from TecHideki.com

Hi guys. How’s everybody been doin? I hope everyone’s spending this

ZTE Nubia Z5 Datum objave

You might have been already hearing about this upcoming ZTE Nubia Z5

LeWa ROM for JiaYu G3

Bored on the default Android 4.0 UI on your original JiaYu

Quad-Core MT6589 Oprema, Primerjalni Testiranja in rezultati

So this quad-core MT6589 chip gets benchmark tested by Engadget China.

ZOPO ZP950 MAX: Pregled, Specifikacije in cena za zadnje 5,7-palčni ZOPO Phablet

It was quite some time since this latest flagship phone from

Vsun Mobilni i9: $48 Dvojedrni, 4-Peter Pan-palčni Android telefon

From 520 juanov ($84) now down to just 299 juanov ($48),

BlueBo L100 dobi 5,5-palčni zaslon QHD zdaj!

If you still remember about BlueBo L100, from 4.7-inch screen and

HDC Galaxy Note 2 GT H7100: 5.4-palčni dual core QHD Android 4.1 JellyBean, po ceni samo $155

Just another HDC Galaxy Note 2 varianta tukaj, but then again