Quad Core TCL P606 accepisset enarrari: SRP incipit ad $224

The latest quad-core phone from TCL is now official, the TCL P606.

Radicati,: HDC VIA LACTEA Note 2 PRO

Here’s the tutorial on how I rooted my HDC Galaxy Note

HDC VIA LACTEA Note 2 arrived, review coming up soon.

So I finally have the HDC Galaxy Note 2 PRO which

Quad-core Huawei G520 committitur venditionis in januario die 21: Specs et cursus sapien hic

Both of these Chinese smartphone giants, ZTE and Huawei seems on

HDC VIA LACTEA S 3 EX / stellata B92M MAS 4.1.2 JellyBean Update, Everteret, et GPS Fige

A very nice share from Xuan69, here’s a video tutorial (Anglicus)

ThL W7: alius 5.7-inch Phablet, vultus amo ZOPO ZP950

ThL jumps into the bandwagon of bigger phablets, presenting their latest

ZTE Amplitudo S: Mundi tenuissima Quad-Core Phone, Tamen

Just when the ZTE Nubia Z5 is just starting to make

JiaYu G2S vendere in Novus Annus 'Day

The JiaYu G2 might be overshadowed by the existence of the really great

AMBULO Pandora QI incipit vendere in China, Fantasma TI sequi

What on earth are those phone model names? Bene, if you

UMEOX A936: elegans 4.7-inch phone, quod respicit quasi Nokia Lumia!

You might already heard about the UMEOX name in the Chinese phones manufacturing

Happy Holidays to all! Cheers for the new year! -from TecHideki.com

Hi guys. How’s everybody been doin? I hope everyone’s spending this

ZTE Nubia Z5 Release Date

You might have been already hearing about this upcoming ZTE Nubia Z5