Lenovo P700i – Specs rov: MT6577 Android 4.0 Dual 1.0 Tub ntxhais GHz 4.0-nti IPS 2500mAh

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It was just only a few weeks since the Lenovo P700 has been released on the market. It was actually a MT6575 single-core CPU Android ICS smartphone and the main selling point it has is the battery, tej zaum. When that phone has been introduced in our country, it easily became popular. But honestly, it didnt made an appeal to me.

Ua li cas? Simply because you can already find a better phone out of that price you might be shedding on the P700. There are a lot of 4.x-inches smartphones that are MT6577 with dual-core CPUs, and the fact that some MT6575 are already selling for a relatively very cheap pricing. Plus the fact that this Lenovo ICS phone only has 5.0 megapixels camera while other cheaper options have 8.0 megapixel snappers.

Lenovo P700i MT6577

Lenovo P700i MT6577

Tab sis tam sim no, here’s a comeback plan from Lenovo. They are planning to bring us this MT6577 version of the P700 which will be called the: Lenovo P700i. Its basically a CPU upgrade of the first Lenovo P700. CPU is now using MT6577 which is now a dual-core chip.

Here’s a shortlist of the Lenovo P700i specs:

  • 4GB ROM + 512MB RAM
  • MT6577 Ntxhais Dual 1.0GHz
  • 4.0-nti, 480×800 pixels, IPS LCD
  • Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0
  • Dual SIM with 3G
  • 5.0 Megapixel Camera Rear/Auto Focus, 0.3 Megapixel Front Camera
  • 2500mAh roj teeb

Lenovo P700i Specs and Features

Here’s a table of the specs and features of the Lenovo P700i:

Hom / Qauv

Lenovo P700i


CPU: MTK6577 ARMv7 Cortex A9 40nm Dual ntxhais 1.0GHz

GPU: PowerVR SGX531 Ultra


Android 4.0 ICS

Lus Askiv, Lavxias teb sab, Fabkis, German, Dutch, Finnish, Lus, Malay, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Italian, Nyab laj, Indonesia, Mev, Persian, Portuguese, Thaib, Romanian, Brazil Portuguese, Czech, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Serbian, Arabic, Hebrew others


RAM : 512 MB / ROM : 4G

MAX supports 32GB Class 12 Daim Card micro SD nkiag (Daim TF)


125.6 x 64.5 x 12.8 hli


162g with battery


4.0″ WVGA, 480 x 800, 16M xim (TBD), IPS LCD

Capacitive cov npo zov kov (5 ntsiab lus)


Dual Sim Dual Standby, kev txhawb zog W G, G G

2G:GSM/GPRS/NTUG: 900/1800/1900MHz



Dub nciab


GPS ua nyob rau hauv & A.GPS

Ceeb toom:

We have maps for the following countries, please ask seller if you need additional information:

Lub teb chaws Yelemees, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherland, France, Greece, Ltalis, Poland, Zog ntawm Guj kuj, Baltic, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, yam.

Kev twb kev txuas

Bluetooth nrog cov EDR & A2DP

WI-nkaus : IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, txhawb Wi-nkaus hotspot

micro USB 2.0


Dual lub koob yees duab

Tom qab 5.0 mega pixel / MAX 2560×1920 / Nws pib kom pom tseeb

Pem hauv ntej 0.3 mega pixel, Skype yees duab hais lus txhawb zog

Kev them nyiaj yug tua 3GP 720 P (1280×720) nrog lub suab, Max 30 mins.


Lub ntiajteb txawj nqus Sensor, Daws Sensor, Lub teeb Sensor

Xov tooj cua


Yees duab

AVI, MP4, FLV, 3GP, MOV, ASF, MPEG, RMVB, H.263, H.264, yam.


MP3, AAC, WAV, yam. / 3.5 hli suab nkaus

Special function

G-sensor, P-Sensor, L-Sensor, FM xov tooj cua, Wifi, GPS, Multi-touch, Dual SIM, Sij hawm fais fab tuag rau/tawm

Package Includes

Li-ion Batteries 2500mAh x 1

– Earphone / 3.5 hli suab nkaus

– USB Cable

– Charger

Lenovo P700i Pictures

Here are some promotional images of this Lenovo P700i. I cannot understand and unable to translate the text on the illustrations but it seems to be pretty much straightforward.

Lenovo P700i poster

Lenovo P700i poster

Lenovo P700i MT6577

Lenovo P700i MT6577

We’ll provide you more pictures (if you are interested) once we are able to get them in the future.

Tus Lenovo P700i comes with xim dub thiab dawb designs, some shops are already listing this phone with a price tag of $210 which is the lowest pricing I can find, some priced it within range of 320-400USD uas yog muaj, overpriced. But I doubt if its the real deal. With the very low price in thought, the MT6575 P700 Lenovo phone should have a price decrease, as justice.

Nqe and other changes isn’t much available yet as this phone is still yet to come soon. Txawm li cas los, a source cited that this phone is really slated to come out by August so it should be before September and this phone is available at Fastcardtech.

Tseem, I see it unfair for those users who just had gotten their Lenovo P700, tsis yog nws? The upgrade is just too soon.

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