K860 LePhone: โทรศัพท์ Flagship ของเลโนโว Quad-Core

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Are you ready for another quad-core experience? ดี, เลโนโว takes on its dip on the quad-core category of the latest Android smartphones with the K860 Lenovo LePhone as its entry.

For a quick overview, the Lenovo Lephone K860 is an ICS Android phone that has the Samsung Exynos 4412 Quad Core CPU, 1แรม GB, 8รอม GB, 1280x720pixels AH-IPS 5-inch screen. Let’s review its specs and features a little more.

Lenovo K860

K860 Lenovo

The K860 Lenovo พรั่งพร้อมด้วยความ Samsung Exynos 4412 Quad Core CPU clocked at 1.4GHz, similar (or better) to what we have on the Galaxy S3 but benchmark tests purportedly claimed that this K860 Lenovo is able to leave the Samsung’s S3 to dust in terms of the quad-core performance. Matched with that is a Mali-400 MP GPU, hence making this new LePhone another monster of HD gaming and high-quality multimedia entertainment playback.

Lenovo K860 benchmark and UI

Lenovo K860 benchmark and UIreally impressive Antutu score

The K860 Lenovo ทำงานบน Android 4.0 ICS ออกจากกล่อง, and is very much expected to have an Android 4.1 JellyBean upgrade in the future. It is a single SIM phone, that is totally unlocked and guaranteed to work on any carriers worldwide. The single SIM slot is a micro-SIM slot. มัน has 3G/WCDMA network reception.

Lenovo LePhone K860

K860 Lenovo LePhone

มันมี 1แรม GB, more than sufficient enough for anyone’s seamless multi-tasking without the need to worry about RAM optimization as you are unlikely to use up all that 1GB of beefed RAM in normal use. The 8รอม GB gives way to more internal storage memory for the LePhone compared to others that only has 4GB ROM space size. You wont be needing to worry about your phone storage consumption, and good thing is; you can still expand this number with an external SD card that supports up to 32GB maximum storage memory capacity.

Lenovo LePhone K860

K860 Lenovo LePhone

The K860 LePhone is proudly slated with a 5-inches multi-touch capacitive screen. มันเป็น IPS แล้ว, and the other awesome part is; มันมี 1280×720 pixels of HD resolution. IPS + AH screen equals a real pleasure to the eyes.

The snapper set is also a bit forward compared with other phones, หนึ่งนี้มี 8.0 megapixels rear camera and a 2.0 megapixels front-facing camera. With that better front snapper, its a guarantee of clearer video calling renders and self-portrait shots.

Lenovo K860 back

Lenovo K860 back

Another reason why not to hate this K860 Lenovo is its battery capacity rating, the battery of this LePhone is rated at 2250มิลลิแอมป์ which gives an assurance of longer usage time that may last for a couple of days from a single charge. Seems like Lenovo’s into the track of making their newer devices to have better battery rating, which is a good plus factor.

Lenovo Lephone K860 Specs and Features

Listed here are the specs of this Lenovo Lephone K860:


  • แบบ: Lenovo Lephone K860 Quad-core
  • พาหะ: ปลดล็อค
  • สไตล์โทรศัพท์: บาร์


  • ระบบปฏิบัติการ: Android 4.0 ICS
  • หน่วยประมวลผล: Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 SAMSUNG Exynos 4412
  • GPU: Mali-400 MP
  • SIM Card: micro SIM card


  • แรม: 1GB LPDDR2 1066 หน่วยความจำ
  • รอม: 8GB เก็บ
  • การ์ดหน่วยความจำ: รองรับการ์ดหน่วยความจำ microSD microSDHC /, ได้ถึง 32GB


  • ขนาดหน้าจอ: 5.0 นิ้ว
  • 1280×720 pixels AH-IPS display
  • หลายหน้าจอสัมผัสแบบ capacitive


  • Main: 8.0 ล้านพิกเซล
  • รอง: 2.0 ล้านพิกเซล (front)
  • 1080p @ 30fps
  • พร้อมแฟลช LED


  • Technology: GSM / GPRS / EDGE / WCDMA / HSPA
  • วงเครือข่าย: GSM 900/1800/1900 เมกะเฮิรตซ์ & 3G 850/900/1700/1900/2100MHZ
  • ข้อมูลเทคโนโลยี: GPRS, HSPDA
  • บลูทู ธ: บลูทู ธ 2.1
  • WLan: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b / g /
  • USB: USB 2.1 + EDR
  • จีพีเอส: จีพีเอส / A-GPS

แบตเตอรี่: 2250แบตเตอรี่ Li-on mAh


  • ขนาด: 143.3×74.3×9.9mm
  • น้ำหนัก: 193ก.

ราคา: $360

Lenovo LePhone K860 Photos

Here are some more pictures of the actual Lenovo LePhone K860:

Lenovo LePhone K860

K860 Lenovo LePhone

Not just it have an overwhelming specs, it also has a very nice form-factor design that carries elegance and without a doubt, makes itself a certified premium phone.

Lenovo K860 box

Lenovo K860 box

The LePhone K860 is packed on the same white box, bringing the trademark of Lenovo mobile phones.

Lenovo K860 front

Lenovo K860 front

The bezel lining isn’t too thick at all. The 5.0 size doesnt makes it more of a phablet, but only a monster Android smartphone with a slightly bigger screen compared to those 4.5and 4.7quad-core Android phones in the market.

Lenovo K860

K860 Lenovo

For more pictures, just visit the link to its Fastcardtech listing by clicking the link at the end of this post.


ใช่, we are waiting for the Xiaomi Mi 2, and they almost have the same price tag. But here’s some edge of the Lenovo K860 over that Xiaomi Phone 2:

  • the Lenovo K860 is now available in stock
  • it has a bigger and better display screen
  • lower price tag
  • greater battery capacity rating

So to conclude, getting this monster quad-core from Lenovo isn’t a bad deal as well. If you cannot wait for the Xiaomi M2/X2, then get this one now. Lenovo fans are surely rejoicing over this release.

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