JiaYu G3 વિ ન્યૂમેન N1

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This is my first post in the Comparisons category of this site. Since many are asking, which of these two said phones is the best buy, I decided to come up with this so-called comparison guide for each and everyone.

Note that this is just based on my personal evaluation on the data we can gather, as I do not have the phones in hand actually.

JiaYu G3 and Newman N1 is yet to arrive and many people already decided to get the JiaYu G3 for them, but then this Newman N1 came for a slightly lower price and also with those impressive specs.

In case you have missed it, check out my spec reviews on the said MT6577 smartphones:

So well then, let’s now proceed on comparing these two.

JiaYu G3 vs Newsmy Newman N1

JiaYu G3 vs Newsmy Newman N1

JiaYu G3 વિ ન્યૂમેન N1: System and CPU

Phone model સીપીયુ જીપીયુ Android OS Language
JiaYu G3 MT6577 ડ્યુઅલ કોર 1.0GHz PowerVR SGX Series5 3D Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) ઇંગલિશ, ઇટાલીનું, ફ્રેન્ચ. સ્પેનિશ, રશિયાનું, થાઈ, વિયેતનામીસ, Arabic, જર્મન, Indonesian, Chinese, ટર્કીશ, પોર્ટુગીઝ ભાષા, મલય, others
ન્યૂમેન N1 MT6577 ડ્યુઅલ કોર 1.0GHz PowerVR SGX531 Ultra Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) ઇંગલિશ, ઇટાલીનું, ફ્રેન્ચ. સ્પેનિશ, રશિયાનું, થાઈ, વિયેતનામીસ, Arabic, જર્મન, Indonesian, Chinese, ટર્કીશ, પોર્ટુગીઝ ભાષા, મલય, others

The only difference here is the GPU used. Cannot say much about as I cannot find much information about hte SGX531 Ultra, whether its a bettr shot than the Series5 3D. You might like to read about the wiki article about PowerVR GPUs. Other stuff, just the same. They use the same MT6577 dual core CPU chip, runs on Android 4.0 ICS and has multi-language support.

Winner: Draw.

JiaYu G3 વિ ન્યૂમેન N1: યાદ

Memory-wise, they have the same 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM. Both supports 32GB external SD card expansion.

Winner: Draw.

JiaYu G3 વિ ન્યૂમેન N1: Physical

Phone model કદ વજન
JiaYu G3 135 ચોકડીનું ચિહ્ન 65 ચોકડીનું ચિહ્ન 10.8 મીમી 121 સંગીતમાં મુખ્ય સપ્તક સી નો પાંચમો સૂર
ન્યૂમેન N1 127.5 × 65 × 9.8 મીમી 130 સંગીતમાં મુખ્ય સપ્તક સી નો પાંચમો સૂર

The Newman N1 is slightly thinner at 1mm difference, the JiaYu G3 has greater length of 7.5mm difference. They have the same width, but the Newman N1 is heavier even if it has the lesser volume. કૂવો, these physical specs isn’t really an important factor on choosing which phone is better for smart guys, do you agree?

Winner: Conditional.

JiaYu G3 વિ ન્યૂમેન N1: સ્ક્રીન

Phone model કદ Type Resolution
JiaYu G3 4.5 ઇંચ આઇ.પી.એસ. HD resolution (1280 ચોકડીનું ચિહ્ન 720 પિક્સેલ્સ)
ન્યૂમેન N1 4.3 ઇંચ આઇ.પી.એસ. qHD resolution (960 ચોકડીનું ચિહ્ન 540 પિક્સેલ્સ)

Quick glance, you can clearly say that the JiaYu G3 wins this category. I will definitely get the one with bigger screen size, even if its just a little difference of 0.2 inch. Both of them have IPS type of capacitive multi-touch screen. The G3 also have the better resolution, thus giving a better display quality compared to others.

Winner: JiaYu G3.

JiaYu G3 વિ ન્યૂમેન N1: કૅમેરા

They both have the same camera, 8.0 megapixels as main snapper and 0.3 secondary. Both have Auto Focus and LED Flash. There isnt much information about these, but it was posted that the N1 has support on recording of video at 1080p (1920 × 1080 પિક્સેલ્સ, 30 frames/sec) quality with audio, while there isnt anything mentioned with the G3.

Winner: partly Newman N1.

JiaYu G3 વિ ન્યૂમેન N1: બેટરી

Phone model battery
JiaYu G3 Li-ion battery 2750 માહ
ન્યૂમેન N1 Li-ion battery 1700 માહ

Having an edge of 1000mAh more battery rating capacity, the JiaYu G3 wins with its 2750mAh battery. Its definitely a better choice as you will have more usage time with it, rather than having the 1700mAh battery of the N1.

Winner: JiaYu G3.

JiaYu G3 વિ ન્યૂમેન N1: ભાવ

Phone model price
JiaYu G3 $180
ન્યૂમેન N1 $149.99

With all the edge in specs by the JiaYu G3, here’s something that makes people consider the Newman N1; the price. The Newman N1 has an incredibly low price of just $149.99 which is a $30 difference compared to the JiaYu G3. So if you have a tight budget to consider, then this Newman N1 is never a bad choice.

Winner: ન્યૂમેન N1

JiaYu G3 વિ ન્યૂમેન N1: Overall

Other stuff, its pretty much identical between these phones. They are both dual SIM with 3G, and each have the same other features you normally see on an Android phone.

So in summary, to help you decide (in which this post is aimed at) which phone to get, here’s the points to consider:

  • Design preferenceIf you are into iPhone look and metallic style of handset to carry around; then get the JiaYu G3. But if you prefer the curvaceous and thin design of the Newman N1; then choose it. Plus, the N1 has more color variations to choose from.
  • BudgetIf you have a budget of $200 for your next phone, then the JiaYu G3 is definitely the best choice.

Both of these upcoming smartphones can be purchased at pre-order from Fastcardtech. If you are interested in buying one, હું ભારપૂર્વક સૂચવે છે કે તમે તેને મેળવી Fastcardtech. તેઓ મારી સૌથી વિશ્વસનીય માલ આવા પ્રકારની ચિની ઓનલાઇન વિક્રેતા છે, હું ક્યારેય તેમની સાથે સમસ્યા, તેઓ મફત વિશ્વભરમાં જહાજ, તેમના શ્રેષ્ઠ કરવા માટે કસ્ટમ અને તમામ તેઓ સૌથી નીચા ભાવની હોય કર શ્રેષ્ઠ ઘટે.

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