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If you are one of us, who’s itching for the JiaYu G3’s official market release, here’s some of the collective updates regarding the JiaYu G3 release that is gathered from various sources such as BBS and official JiaYu site to somehow feed our long waiting. (post last updated: அக்டோபர் 5, 2012)

JiaYu G3 with flip cover accessory

JiaYu G3 with flip cover accessory

JiaYu is dropping the retina HD screen and Corning Gorilla glass technology on the JiaYu G3, qHD screen takes over. Still the other physical specs, and impressive MT6577 related characteristics remains. That might be the result of its pricing drop, compared to its initial price announcement which was originally at 1500 yuan (approx. $236).

அந்த JiaYu ஜி 3 now has an officially announced price of just 899 yuan; a very attractive offer observing its impressive specs. Converting it to USD, it will just fall down somewhere on an equivalent $142 price tag.

Jiayu G3 is slated to be out on the market this September. While the production is already ready for the consumer’s demand, JiaYu is still settling a its network licensing issues which delays its debut. Even the official color set variations and accessories for the G3 is already furnished.

Black version of the JiaYu G3. While we had believed that the previewed G3 was already the black variation, here’s some more snapshots of the G3 which is acclaimed as the black variation as directly posted by the JiaYu official site.

JiaYu G3 Black Edition

JiaYu G3 Black Edition

However, it doesnt looks pure black at all. The combination of black, white and gray colors is observant.

Other available accessories of the JiaYu G3. It was also brought on the public the announcement of JiaYu G3 accessories straight from JiaYu official website. The JiaYu G3 accessories are listed as follows:

JiaYu G3 Accessories

JiaYu G3 Accessories

  • ultra-thin protective cover with different color variety
  • leather flip-cover
  • hard plastic and soft silicon casing

Well overall, the JiaYu G3 is the best value-for-money MT6577 dual-core Android device you can have up to this posting time. If a Samsung mobile phone product will have the specs like the G3 has, I’m pretty much sure that it will have a doubled-up price. If the Xiaomi M1 impressed us way back when it was fresh on its era, this one is a better deal.

That’s it for now guys, I will still update this post if we got more news and updates with the JiaYu G3.

Meanwhile, in case you haven’t read it yet: JiaYu G3 review

JiaYu ஜி 3: New updates!

Here’s the new updates with this JiaYu G3, well its more of a good news as the thought of JiaYu G3 becoming just an illusory vaporware pops like a bubble now!

JiaYu G3 already got its network license. The JiaYu G3 is now officially licensed, since 2012-09-28. Its really the good news we are waiting to hear, as its just the reason that caused a big delay of this phone hitting the marketplace.

JiaYu G3 network license

JiaYu G3 network license (மூல)

The network license is said to be only effective by 2-3 days after its legalization, thus we can say that it fell on the 30th of September. However, that is the start of holiday in China, which makes a considerable 7-day delay for the processing of stuff related to this G3 goodie.

There are 5000 units of JiaYu G3 already distributed to malls and early buyers. Note that these are only the Black version, so its more likely that those that pre-ordered that color will be the early adopters of this JiaYu G3 phone. Those that pre-ordered a different color, might need to wait a little time for the next batch of production, well same goes to overseas costumers.

New screen technology for the G3 from Taiwan. JiaYu also announced that they are replacing the previously used screen with a new one they got from Taiwan. It now has better, brighter and crisper display. Added notes also is about the camera being improved as well. No words on this source about the screen type and display resolution of the new G3 screen.

JiaYu G3 using new Taiwan screens

JiaYu G3 using new Taiwan screens

JiaYu G3 Rooted already! A member of the JiaYu forum posted a photo set and tutorial on how to root JiaYu G3. Cool thing to know that there is already a rooting tutorial for this hot phone. It just adds a strong reason why its still a really awesome buy. We’ll update you with more details on this with a separate post soon.

Well guys, one word, “hurray!”.

It wont be long that this very cheap dual-core phone, with super HD display be on everyone’s hands. Its perfect for those who are into a budget of just 200USD and below for an Android phone but with specs and performance not shortened out.

also, check it out: JiaYu G3 on Fastcardtech

Lucky for those who have pre-ordered. For those who will or already have the unit, feel free to share the experience to us. ^_^

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