Jiayu G3 – સ્પેક્સ સમીક્ષા: ડ્યુઅલ કોર 4.5-ઇંચ આઇપીએસ Android ICS ડ્યુઅલ સિમ 3G

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Jiayu G3 is the successor of the MT6575 Jiayu G2 Android phone that became popular to many users since it was out in the market due to its great specs, good performance and beautiful looking design. હમણાં, Jiayu brings us the G3 and it offers more with its MT6577 dual-core chipset.

Jiayu G3

Jiayu G3

Here’s the rundown of what might set your interest with the Jiayu G3:

It has a MT6577 ડ્યુઅલ કોર 1.0GHz chip and powered by PowerVRTM SGX Series5 3D જીપીયુ. With this on board, it is assured that the Jiayu G3 runs smoothly, with nearly no lags at all. It is able to play a lot of games, even 3D and HD games with no problems. It is also capable on rendering high quality multimedia video files.

It also comes with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) out of the box with supported languages listed as follows: ઇંગલિશ, ઇટાલીનું, ફ્રેન્ચ. સ્પેનિશ, રશિયાનું, થાઈ, વિયેતનામીસ, Arabic, જર્મન, Indonesian, Chinese, ટર્કીશ, પોર્ટુગીઝ ભાષા, મલય, others.

You will never be short of its 1જીબી રેમ that allows you to do multi-tasking or multi-app using at ease. Its built-in 4GB ની-ROM also gives you more storage space, however still able to expand via the use of a Micro SD Memory Card (ટીએફ-પત્તાની), supporting 32GB maximum.

Its 4.5 inch IPS Capacitive Multi-touch Screen outshines any other 4.3Android smartphones. Best if you desire a bigger screen but not too much like a 5one. Its HD resolution અંતે 1280 ચોકડીનું ચિહ્ન 720 પિક્સેલ્સ makes it more a value for your money as you can not always find a 4.5screen having that pixel density on the $180 price tag. With this in sight, its 16 million colors display quality is very vivid and crisp; very good and pleasing to the eye.

What makes the Jiayu G3 more impressive is its set of snappers. The rear is a 8.0 megapixel સાથે Auto Focus અને LED Flash camera. While the front snapper captures really fine photos at 2.0 megapixel. This is not ordinary, as per other devices just have a VGA front-facing shooters at 0.3megapixels. Expect clearer pixels display on self portrait shots or video calls.

The Jiayu G3 is juiced up with a 2750 mAh Li-ion battery. With this in pack, expect longer battery charge life. This might take quite some few days before you ran out of battery charge. Say, 3-4 days. This beats the newer Lenovo devices (with 2000mAh only) and most of the other Android smartphones as they normally have an only 1650mAh battery rating.

Jiayu G3 Specs and Features

Listed here are the specs and features of this JiaYu G3:


  • સીપીયુ: MT6577 Dual Core 1.0 ગીગાહર્ટ્ઝ
  • જીપીયુ: PowerVRTM SGX Series5 3D

ઓએસ: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)

Language: Multi-language support


  • રેમ: 1GB
  • -ROM: 4GB
  • Micro SD Memory Card (ટીએફ-પત્તાની), MAX support 32GB


  • કદ: 135 ચોકડીનું ચિહ્ન 65 ચોકડીનું ચિહ્ન 10.8 મીમી
  • વજન: 121 સંગીતમાં મુખ્ય સપ્તક સી નો પાંચમો સૂર


  • 4.5 inch IPS Capacitive Multi-touch Screen
  • HD resolution (1280 ચોકડીનું ચિહ્ન 720 પિક્સેલ્સ)
  • 16 million colors


  • ડ્યુઅલ સિમ
  • 2G:GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • 3G:WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz

રંગ: કાળું


  • GPS Built In GPS & એ જીપીએસ
  • Connection Bluetooth with EDR & A2DP
  • Wi-Fi : આઇઇઇઇ 802.11 b/g
  • સૂક્ષ્મ યુએસબી 2.0


  • ડ્યુઅલ કેમેરા
  • પીઠ 8.0 megapixel with Auto Focus and LED Flash
  • આચ્છાદન ચોડવું 2.0 megapixel (Supports recording of video)

Multimedia playback support:

  • વિડિઓ: આવી , એમપી 4 , એફએલવી , 3જીપી , Mov , ASF , એમપીઇજી , RMVB , વગેરે.
  • ઑડિઓ: એમપી 3 , એએસી , WAV , વગેરે. / 3.5 એમએમ ઓડિયો જેક

Special features:

  • ગ્રેવીટી સંવેદકો
  • નિકટતા સંવેદકો
  • પ્રકાશ સંવેદકો
  • FM Radio
  • વાઇફાઇ
  • જીપીએસ
  • Multi-touch Capacitive Screen
  • ડ્યુઅલ સિમ
  • Schedule Power On/Off

બેટરી: Li-ion battery 2750 માહ


  • Earphone / 3.5 એમએમ ઓડિયો જેક
  • યુએસબી કેબલ
  • પ્રાચીન તાટ

For more details, photos, other information, and chance to contact the store seller; click the link below:

Jiayu G3 MTK 6577 Dual Dore Dual Simcard Dual Standby 1G RAM 4.5IPS Screen 8MP Camera

ડોલર:315.00 ડોલર:180.00

Jiayu G3 Photos

Jiayu G3

Jiayu G3

The Jiayu G3 has a thin body with metallic finish for highlights that gives it an elegant look and feel. Simply put, it doesnt look a cheap clone or whatsoever. It looks very much premium and very solid.

Jiayu G3 Black

Jiayu G3 Black

The Jiayu G3 is available in pure black color, and as well as black-silver color schemes.

Jiayu G3 Black-and-Silver

Jiayu G3 Black-and-Silver

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