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The JiaYu G2 might be overshadowed by the existence of the benetan handia JiaYu G3, baina JiaYu da zerbait berri gisa. Hemen doa, iragarri JiaYu G2S ofizialki urtarrilaren saltzen 1, 2013 –Urte berri eguna. Irakurri buruzko informazio gehiago JiaYu G2S, leak apur batzuk próximas JiaYu G4, G5 eta G6.The JiaYu G2S sale includes the battery, charger, and data cable in package. Screen protectors and silicone casings will be available as well. The JiaYu G2 with TD-support will also be sold that day.

JiaYu G2S

JiaYu G2S

For a refresher, the JiaYu G2S is a 4.0-inch dual-core Android smartphone. It boasts with the latest OGS touch panel lamination technology. As quoted:

OGS, One Glass Solution and uses Full Lamination bonding. OGS allows reduced panel thickness and a lighter design by removing the second glass panel from the conventional two panel design – we use a touch film layer instead of touch glass, which is much thinner. Full Lamination bonding offers higher optical transparency (>94%) than a traditional air bonding touch architecture. Together, the result is brilliant colour clarity, brightness and it is 42% thinner than a standard touch display module.

Kirol MT6577T dual core CPU clocked at 1.2GHz. Exekutatzen Android 4.1 JellyBean koadroan out. Ditu IPS pantailan 960*540 pixel in resolution. It also have 1RAM GB, 4ROM GB, 8MP camera on main/2MP on secondary, eta 2200mAh battery capacity.

Even if its already 2013, JiaYu still have its flagship G2 on its list. I think they wouldnt be dropping their 4-inch entry even if there is already the G3 and the other upcoming anticipated JiaYu flagship devices. (JiaYu G4 is already leaked but its not confirmed yet, , JiaYu G5 is expected to be a 4.5 inch phone, ari den bitartean JiaYu G6 is expected to be a 5.5 hazbeteko phablet)

JiaYu G2S Antutu Benchmark score

JiaYu G2S Antutu Benchmark score

Below is a full comparison of the JiaYu G2S specs compared to the G2 and G3:

Jia domain G2S, G2, G3 core hardware parameters comparison
G2S G2 G3
Processor MT6577T dual-core 1.2G MTK6577 dual-core 1G MT6577 dual-core 1G
Screen The 4.0 hazbeteko OGS fit IPS 960 * 540 4.0 hazbeteko IPS 800 * 480 Gorilla touch screen of 4.5 hazbeteko IPS 1280 * 720
Memoria 1G RAM + 4G ROM 1G RAM + 4G ROM 1G RAM + 4G ROM
Kamera 2,000,000 + 8,000,000 300,000 + 8,000,000 2,000,000 + 8,000,000
Bateria 2200 mA 2050 mA 2750 mA
Sistema Android 4.1 Android 4.0 Android 4.0
Body size 125 × 61 × 9.9mm 124 × 63 × 10.6mm 135 × 65 × 10.8mm
Beste ezaugarri GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth, FM GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth, FM GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth, FM
Sensors Light / distance / gravity / magnetic sensor / gyro Light / distance / gravity / magnetic sensor Light / distance / gravity / magnetic sensor / gyro
Selling price Black 880 yuan and 910 Yuan / White 799 Yuan 899 Yuan

The JiaYu G2S, being able to score up to 6500+ on Antutu Benchmark test and matched with those other parameters on its specs sheet, is without a doubt a remarkable phone for those looking for a well-capable smartphone under the 4-inch category. The JiaYu G2S costs $140 for the black one, eta $145 for the white one.


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