Jiayu σχεδιάζει να πουλήσει ένα διπλού πυρήνα JY-G2 για λίγο $96!

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The MediaTek based cellphones nowadays just keeps on getting cheaper and cheaper. Τώρα, with the advent of MT6515 and MT6517 MediaTek SoC’s, here we can expect something really cheap from JiaYu, ο JiaYu G2 MT6517 dual core for just $96!

Ο MT6515 και M6517 are just a lower version of the single core MT6575 and dual core MT6577 SoC’s respectively and has no 3G. Συνολικά, the other featured capabilities and performance grade of the CPU chipsets are the same. The MT6517 can still be equipped with a different kind of RF module that can support TD-SCDMA and CDMA, which are considered 3G networks on China.

There has been a lot of MT6517 entries already that is out on the market such as the ZTE U960S3 which has MT6517 that supports 3G. MediaTek MT6517 domestic manufacturers are the following: ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo, and Gionee. They already have a MT6517 models on the Chinese market.

JiaYU G2 Dual Core MT6517

JiaYU G2 Dual Core MT6517

Τώρα, here we have is JiaYu’s entry to this MT6517-TD trend, their dual core JiaYu G2 with MT6517 chip that is planned to hit the market with a price of 599 yuan which is just approximately $96.

JiaYu G2 MT6517 specs

Presented below are the specifications of this JiaYu G2 dual core MT6517 with 3G (TD):

MT6517 1Ghz dual-core
512MB RAM + 4 GB ROM
Μέγεθος οθόνης
4.0 ίντσες
Screen material
480 × 800
Touch screen
Φωτογραφική μηχανή
5MP (can be set at 8MP output)
LED flash, ΤΟΥ
Χωρητικότητα μπαταρίας
2050 mAh
Operating system
Android 4.0
proximity \ light \ g-sensor
WIFI \ Bluetooth \ GPS
Memory expansion
Maximum 64GB
GSM / TD-SCDMA dual card dual standby
GSM frequencies
Μέγεθος σώματος
Approximately 124 × 63 × 10.6 (χιλιοστών)
140 g (with standard battery)

Specs do look awesome and at high end having in fact its really cheap pricing. Almost every aspects of it are yes, very nice but the only downside for us is the TD-SCDMA network support instead of WCDMA as 3G which we cannot get unless we are under a telco network in China.

Ακόμη, you cannot deny the fact that this one has all the balls for an awesome phone yet really cheap pricing.

Με τον τρόπο, you might like to check out our review of the JiaYu G2-S and plus; MT6577 dual core versions.

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