iHTC Titan II V12 Plus MTK6577 – સ્પેક્સ સમીક્ષા: ડ્યુઅલ કોર 1.2 GHz 4.3-inch qHD Android 4.0 ICS Dual SIM 3G

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iHTC once again brought another decent HTC knock-off, this one is a said clone of an HTC Titan. હમણાં, its called iHTC ટાઇટન બીજા વી 12 પ્લસ. Its one of the latest addition on the MTK6577 series of Android ICS handsets now. What’s good to hear about this one is, it is just being sold for just $169. Lets take a closer look at the specs of this new iHTC phone.

iHTC Titan II V12 Plus MTK6577

iHTC Titan II V12 Plus MTK6577

iHTC Titan II V12 Plus MTK6577 સાથે આવે છે Android 4.0 ICS આ બોક્સની બહાર. It support the following languages: ઇંગલિશ, રશિયાનું, જર્મન, ઇટાલીનું, ફ્રેન્ચ, સ્પેનિશ, પોર્ટુગીઝ ભાષા, ટર્કીશ, વગેરે. Other unlisted language can still be requested from my recommended shop upon order. They can add it into the phone.

iHTC Titan II V12 Plus MTK6577

iHTC Titan II V12 Plus MTK6577

Its still a very fast phone with MTK6577 cortex A9 CPU અંતે clocked 1.2 ગીગાહર્ટ્ઝ. Added to that is its SGX531 GPU.

Its 4.3-inches capacitive multi-touch screen will surely give pleasure to your viewing as it has a very clear and sharp qHD resolution અંતે 540×960 પિક્સેલ્સ. It has a highly enough RAM of 512MB, and a lot of internal memory of 4GB ની-ROM space that is still expandable up to 32GB max.

This is as well a ડ્યુઅલ સિમ capable Android smartphone with 3G/WCDMA, totally unlocked and is supported on all carriers worldwide.

It also has a clear 8.0 megapixel main camera that has auto-focus, and partnered with that is a front-facing VGA snapper at 0.3 megapixel which still support Skype video calls.

Another pretty good thing to hear about this phone is its 2000માહ બેટરી capacity. With that, you will definitely have more usage time for just a single charge. Pretty much above normal average of just the usual 1650-1700mAh battery rating of other Android 4.0 handsets.

Other features of this phone are:

  • Built in GPS and support voice navigation
  • WIFI:802.11b/g wireless internet
  • Support HDMI output
  • જી સેન્સર
  • Proximity sensor
  • Light sensor
  • એમપી 3 & MP4 player
  • GPRS,EDGE,& WAP connectivity, MMS Transceiver
  • U disk support function to keep the information storage
  • Bluetooth A2DP
  • Voice record

iHTC Titan II V12 other detailed specs:

  • માળખું: જીએસએમ: 850/900/1800/1900MHz+ WCDMA 2100 MHZ
  • કદ: 125×65.5×10.5મીમી
  • વજન: 370સંગીતમાં મુખ્ય સપ્તક સી નો પાંચમો સૂર
  • બેટરી: 2000માહ
  • રંગ: કાળું
  • Standby Time: about 180-240 hours / Talking Time: about 3-4 hours

iHTC Titan II V12 Package Included:

  • 1 x iHTC Titan II V12 unit
  • 2 x batteries,
  • 1 x charger (UK/EU/US/AU, can choose the one that suits your country)
  • 1 x earphone
  • 1 x data cable
  • user manual

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