JiaYu ஜி 3 வேர் எப்படி + மீட்பு முறையில் வேலை

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அந்த rooting of JY-G3 or JiaYu G3 has already been posted on the official JiaYu forum for quite some days already.

Original information was written in Chinese language, but its a good thing that we are able to translate it. I am rewriting here the steps so that many users can easily understand it.

Brief, the method is just simple. You just have to flash the working recovery for this JiaYu ஜி 3 (which is on Chinese) and then install the ROOT update via recovery.

Disclaimer: I wont be liable for any damage this procedure will cause on your device. This includes re-flashing the JiaYu G3 so do it at your own risk.

Steps on how to root JiaYu G3


  1. First, you must have the proper Android drivers installed on your computer. It wont just install by itself if you just plug the device on your PC. For this, I am recommending the use of pdaNet (just google it) so that you’ll easily get the drivers installed. Just be sure to enable USB debugging on the Developer options of the JY-G3, plug in your device on the PC then install the pdaNet.exe, choosing Others when prompted for device model.
  2. Then download this package. It has all the stuff we need. Extract it on your PC so you can easily use the files inside.
  3. Next step is, remove your phone’s battery and back cover. Prepare the USB data cable but dont connect the phone yet.

How to flash Recovery

  1. Run the Smart Phone Flash Tool application. Click on the Scatter loading button and then browse/select the MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc.txt file that you can find on the extracted package that you had downloaded.
  2. Then there will be a file list, be sure to just put a check on the RECOVERY and make sure that the path to the recovery.img is correct.
  3. Click the Download button and then confirm.
  4. இப்பொழுது, connect the phone.
  5. Attach the battery.
  6. The Flash Tool will now start doing the flashing process, just wait till you get a successnotice or green circle. After that, your phone will restart.
  7. You just had successfully installed recovery on your JiaYu G3.

Here’s an image guide which is pretty much straight forward:

How to flash working recovery on JiaYu G3

How to flash working recovery on JiaYu G3

How to enter the recovery mode in JiaYu G3

With recovery mode enabled on your JY-G3, just like any Android device you can now install updates/mods easily on your device. Most of these usually need to be installed via recovery mode.

  1. Turn off the JY-G3.
  2. Hold down power button + volume up.

JiaYu ஜி 3 வேர் எப்படி (via recovery)

  1. Copy the file JYG3-ROOT.zip on the root of your SD card.
  2. Then enter into recovery mode.
  3. It is Chinese, but select the option: “从SD卡上安装刷机包”. It means, install from SD.
  4. Then browse for the JYG3-ROOT.zip file on your SD card’s root.
  5. Select 刷入JYG3-ROOT.zip. It meansflash JYG3-ROOT.zip”.
  6. Your phone will do its work now and will return to recovery mode’s home.
  7. Restart your JY-G3.

Enjoy your rooted JiaYu G3! Here’s some proof that the new JiaYu G3 can be rooted with the mentioned method.

How to Root JiaYu G3

Fully rooted JiaYu G3

Can’t determine the original poster of this tutorial on JiaYu forums, but full credits goes to him.

SuperUser on rooted JiaYu G3

JiaYu ஜி 3 வேர் எப்படி

I do not have my JiaYu ஜி 3 இன்னும், but this is awesome to know that there is already a working recovery and rooting procedure on this phone. Too bad that some units on the first batch of JiaYu G3 was released with screen problems, thus adding further delays on the coming of the next batch for us.

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