Hike Pandora Qi China saltzen hasten, Phantom TI jarraitu

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Zer lurrean dira telefono modelo izenak? Beno, agian ez badakizu, oraindik; izenarekin fabrikatzaile hau da “Hike” Chinese Android smartphones multzo handi bat, itxuraz ematen. Orain Hike Pandora Qi eta Hike Phantom TI is a duo of phones that is anticipated in China. Irakurri China telefono mugikorrak horiei buruz gehiago jakin nahi.

HIKE Pandora QI on Sale

HIKE Pandora QI on Sale

Front doesnt rings a hundred percent knock-off of some Samsung phone, yet the styling of the camera lens and flash on the back reminds us of a HTC One device. HIKE might did try to come up with something that isnt just a pure knock-off, I know the majority of us is annoyed with Chinese clones. These phones by the way, comes in two different colors: brownish and white.

Both of these HIKE phones are seemingly similar on some of its specs parameters. The main obvious difference is: the Pandora QI is a 5.3 inch phablet while the Phantom TI is a 4.7 inch smartphone. Below is a breakdown on their specs:

Processor The MTK6577T dual-core 1.2GHz MTK6577T dual-core 1.2GHz
Screen 5.3 inches IPS 960 * 540 4.7 inches IPS 1280 * 720
Memoria 1G RAM +16G ROM 1G RAM +16G ROM
Kamera 5MP and 8MP camera with LED flash 5MP and 8MP camera with LED flash
Bateria 2550 mA 2200 mA
Sistema Android 4.0 Android 4.0
Sensors Gyroscope, accelerometer, light, direction, distance, sound, magnetic Gyroscope, accelerometer, light, direction, distance, sound, magnetic
Other feat. USB OTG USB OTG
Selling price 1499 Yuan 1499 Yuan
Hike Pandora QI and Phantom TI

Hike Pandora Qi eta Phantom TI

The HIKE Pandora QI is being sold for just 1499 yuan or $240. HIKE also gave out 200yuan off the price which yielded $208 price tag for those who have the voucher coupons. It was the same price tag as the HIKE Panthom TI, which is soon to follow in its own time schedule of sale.

I can say, price is not bad for its really great and high-level specs. Its a bit surprising that it has 16GB of ROM (internal storage memory) and 5MP front snapper, these parameters are unusual and you cannot normally see those on papers with the configuration of other dual core MT6577 Android phones.

This offer from HIKE sure really does make a damn pretty hard thinking to make a pick. Same pricing, yet different size and specs, –each has its own edge over the other but I can say any choice, you can never go wrong. Lets just hope these HIKE phones get listed on online stores so we international buyers can also get the chance to buy it.


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