Heroi H2000 Ressenya: iPhone 5 Clonar amb MT6577 Dual Core Android 4.0

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Heroi H2000+ és un altre iPhone 5 clonar. A fora, és realment difícil dir si és un iPhone real 5 o no amb la seva mida i altres detalls sobre el disseny, però a l'interior és un Android doble nucli MT6577 4.0 ICS dispositiu.

Acabo d'adonar-me que aquest s'havia convertit en un dels iPhone venda de hot- 5 clon en Fastcardtech. En l'actualitat, a un preu de $169.99 amb enviament gratuït, així que és realment una compra temptadora. Bé, anem a fer una ullada a aquest telèfon per a una revisió especificacions.

Breu, la Heroi H2000 is an Android 4.0 device with a MTK6577 dual core CPU. It has 3G and GPS support. Té una 4.0 polzades de pantalla, just like the new iPhone 5 and a 8.0MP camera.

Hero H2000+

Heroi H2000

La Heroi H2000 funciona amb Android 4.0.4 ICS fora de la caixa. It supports many languages. FCT allows request for language pre-setup on the ordered devices, so in case you are getting this device from them, you can always tell them what language you want to have on pre-set out of the box. It has 3G/WCDMA support and is totally unlocked for use on any GSM carriers in the world

Even if it runs on Android OS, la Heroi H2000 have an iOS-like UI. But it still have the 3-screen buttons on ICS. I bet this is just a launcher, so you are still able to customize the Heroi H2000 on your preferences.

La Heroi H2000 sports a dual-core MT6577 CPU clocked at 1GHz, a very fast performer. It is capable of HD gaming and high quality multimedia playback as well.

It has 4GB ROM so expect a 2.5GB of usable internal storage memory. It is still expandable with a micro SD card of up to 32GB maximum capacity. It has a normal 512MB RAM which is pretty much more than sufficiently enough for seamless multi-tasking.

Just like the real iPhone 5, this one has 4.0 inches screen as well. Té una 800*480 pixels of display resolution, not too much to boast but its pretty much not bad at all considering its price tag.

Just like the norm, it has 8.0megapixels main camera and a corresponding 0.3mp secondary snapper. It has flash and auto-focus. Good thing to note is, these snappers are on the same position as the new iPhone 5’s camera lenses.

It has a native FM radio receiver which is not present on the iPhone. It is also a Dual SIM device, heck another thing the iPhone doesn’t have. It has wi-fi, bluetooth, GPS, etc. –well, other stuff are just the same with most Android 4.0 and MT6577 devices. To know more about the specs of the Heroi H2000 , click here.

Hero H2000+ Specs

Here’s a shortlist of the Hero H2000+ specs.

  • iPhone 5 clonar
  • 4.0-inch screen
  • Androide 4.0 ICS
  • 1GHz dual-core MT6577 CPU
  • 4GB ROM
  • 512MB RAM
  • 8.0 càmera megapíxels
  • Dual SIM, with 3G

For a complete list of specs, more photos and updates to this phone’s listing, check it out on Fastcardtech with the links at the end of this post.

Hero H2000+ Videos

Here’s a couple of videos from my friend, Dirk aka Colonel Zap.

Hero H2000+ hands-on Video Review:

Hero H2000+ Gaming Test:


For the very cheap price tag, you can never go wrong with this iPhone 5 clonar. The overall design is a perfect knock-off and with the specs, you are guaranteed that its performance is among on top. If you desire to have an iPhone 5 on your hands for show, but you do not have that thousand of bucks to buy a real one then this is the smartphone for you. Get this hot-selling phone before the stock runs out!

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