ХДЦ Галаксија С4 (и9400) Преглед: Самсунг Галаки СИВ / Плејер Куц-офф или шта?

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Само читање фразу “Галаксија С4″, моја прва мисао: “озбиљно, ХДЦ?”.

Прво сам помислио да је чувени ХДЦ већ направио кноцк-офф за ову још није постојеће Самсунг водећег апарата после Галаксија С3. Али онда, када сам га проверио, Нова мисао: “Самсунг Галаки Плаиер”.

Али тада још увек, Мислим да сам у праву.

HDC Galaxy S4

ХДЦ Галаксија С4

  • It doesnt looks like the previous Galaxy S3 or other Galaxy devices as there isn’t physical home button in the middle anymore.
  • It cant be the Galaxy Player as the soft-touch Android buttons arent present anymore. Only on-screen ICS buttons.
  • The shape and flat look shouts Galaxy Player but it isn’t a 5-inch, only at 4.7-inch.

Whatever, it is still a nice looking phone, wait is it really a phone? Yes it is a phone! Not just an Android multimedia device. I wonder where did the guys from HDC got the idea of their HDC Galaxy S4 came, but let’s check out its full package since it seems like an interesting device.


The HDC Galaxy S4 I9400 is a 4.7-inch MTK6575 Android ICS phone, dual-SIM and has a 5 megapixels main camera. The only downer of this one is, it doesn’t have 3G/WCDMA only EDGE connectivity.


The HDC Galaxy S4 i9400 is yes, obviously from HDC. The same manufacturer of the recent hit ХДЦ Галаксија С3 Про, other HDC S3 variations and other Galaxy knock-offs by HDC. It is using i9400, maybe to follow the naming trend to the S3’s i9300.

It runs on Android 4.0 ICS out of the box, and has a multi-language support. Она поседује MT6575 CPU system, but as they say that they had optimized the system to work like the MT6577 system. I wonder how they did that. It is clocked at 2GHz with the single-core CPU and PowerVR GPU combined. I am a MT6575 user and I can say that this phone is fast as per my experience with such devices of same CPU chip.

The HDC Galaxy S4 has a 4.7 инча екран, same as the HDC Galaxy S3. The screen is WVGA only at 480×800 пиксела резолуције. No idea if its an IPS one though.

Its camera can be impressive, even though it only have a 5MP main camera; its secondary and front-facing snapper is a 2.0 мегапиксела so its an edge for a bit compared with other phones of 8MP/0.3MP camera set. Clearer self-portrait shots or video-call renders is expected.

The HDC Galaxy S4 is a dual SIM device, but as I said; having no 3G/HSDPA/WCDMA support is a bit of set back for this one. But that might explain why its price had gone that way low.

It is powered up with a 1950мАх Ли-он батерија which is very much enough and higher compared to other handsets of its MT6575 bracket. More app time on single charge for this one, I suppose. Not much to boast with its RAM capacity size, it has a 512МБ РАМ-а which I can say that is very much sufficient again as I never had any problem with RAM management on my beloved MT6575 phone.

HDC Galaxy S4 Specs


  • Произвођач: ХДЦ
  • Модел: HDC Galaxy S4 I9400
  • Телефон Стиле: Бар, мулти-тоуцх екран, 4.7 инчни екран осетљив на додир
  • Оперативни систем: Андроид 4.0 ОС
  • Процесор: MTK6575 2.0GHz (CPU+GPU)


  • Величина екрана: 4.7 екран осетљив на додир
  • Екран резолуције: 480*800 pixel WVGA
  • Боја подршка: 16 милиона боја
  • Екран Технологија: Мулти-тоуцх екран


  • 5 МП задња камера
  • 2.0 МП предња камера


  • Повезивање Технологија: ГСМ
  • Мрежа Банд: ГСМ 850/900/1800/1900 МХз
  • Подаци технологија: ЕДГЕ, ГПРС
  • Блуетоотх: Блуетоотх 2.1 + ЕДР
  • ВЛан: Ви-Фи ИЕЕЕ 802.11 б / г
  • УСБ: УСБ 2.0
  • ГПС: ГПС / А-ГПС (Уграђени ГПС цхипсет)

Батерија: Ли-он батерије (1950мАх)


  • Уграђена меморија: 512МБ РАМ-а,
  • Меморијска картица: Подршка за мицроСД / мицроСДХЦ меморијске картице, до 64ГБ


  • Димензије: 143.1*61.3*8.1
  • Тежина: 138

HDC Galaxy S4 Photos

Here are some more photos of this HDC Galaxy S4 for your enjoyment:

HDC Galaxy S4 - flip cover

ХДЦ Галаксија С4 – flip cover

Screen protector and flip leather case is given away along with the HDC Galaxy S4 orders for free from FCT.

HDC Galaxy S4 - back

ХДЦ Галаксија С4 – back

Back has Samsung logo and the emulated S4 mark as well.

HDC Galaxy S4 - back

ХДЦ Галаксија С4 – back

It is very thin as well.

HDC Galaxy S4

ХДЦ Галаксија С4

TouchWiz UI?

HDC Galaxy S4

ХДЦ Галаксија С4

Here’s the top-front part.

HDC Galaxy S4 - samsung logo

ХДЦ Галаксија С4 – samsung logo

Closer look at the Samsung logo. Good to know that it isn’t misspelled.

HDC Galaxy S4

ХДЦ Галаксија С4

Main camera on the rear is positioned on the middle part. You can also see how it was finely polished and the material used for its body is definitely appealing.

The HDC Galaxy S4 comes only on white variant, no black version for this.

За још фотографија, click this link to check it out on FCT.


For the price, if you can live a mobile life without 3G connectivity then this phone isnt bad at all. It is over-all good looking, and a good performer even on HD games or high-quality multimedia playback.

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