HDC Galaxy S3: mini različico za samo $79

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Tukaj je nekaj za mali žep telefon lovci na Kitajskem, a mini klon Galaxy S3, this one is called HDC Mini Galaxy S3 I9300. Its kinda impressive as it has a MTK6575 CPU in s tem bi rekel, je ustvarila na 2 GHz. Prav tako je Dual SIM telefon z WiFi in FM radio. Njegov telefon Android, Ne le slaba JAVA telefon S3 knock-off.

HDC Galaxy S3 Mini

HDC Galaxy S3 Mini

2GHz? That seems crazy and doubtful, am I right? FCT explanation is, the number is a summation of 1GHz clock speed of the MT6575 single-core CPU and its GPU performance. Cannot say more unless I had the chance to test the phone in my hands. Še vedno, let’s check out the rest of its specs.

The HDC Galaxy S3 Mini sports a MT6575 CPU with matching GPU already, really capable for HD gaming and HQ multimedia playback. Deluje na Android 2.3 SLO out of the box and has multi-language support. It has a 3.5-palčni zaslon and above-average screen resolution display quality.

HDC Galaxy S3 Mini

HDC Galaxy S3 Mini

This mini version of the HDC S3 doesnt have 3G, only Edge connectivity support. It’s main camera is a 3.2 pik sponka with digital zoom. It also has bluetooth, wifi and GPS capability.

RAM is 256MB, sufficient enough for a mid-level Android phone and since it runs GB OS only, it is enough.

Druge stvari, we do not know and that’s all I can say. There is also another Android phone, which you migh also like to check out, the Bluebo B3000. ICS, with TV and the same price as this one.

HDC Galaxy S3 Mini Specs

Here’s the posted specs from FCT listing:


  • Proizvajalec: HDC Mini Galaxy I9300
  • Model: HDC Mini Galaxy I9300
  • Telefon Style: Bar, multi-touch screen, 3.5 palčni zaslon na dotik kapacitivnimi
  • Operacijski sistem: Android 2.3.6 OS
  • Procesor: MTK6575 1G CPU+ 1G GPU


  • Velikost zaslona: 3.5 Zaslon na dotik
  • Prikaz resolucijo: 480*320 slikovnih pik
  • Barv: 16 milijonov barv
  • Tehnologija zaslona: Multi-touch screen


  • Fotoaparat Resulotion: 3.2MP kamera zadaj + 0.3 MP kamera spredaj, digitalni zoom


  • Povezljivost z Računalnikom: GSM
  • Mreža Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Podatki tehnologija: EDGE, GPRS
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • WLan: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b / g
  • USB: USB 2.0
  • GPS: GPS / A-GPS (Vgrajen GPS čipov)


  • Baterija: Li-on baterija
  • Čas pripravljenosti: 150-200 ure


  • Vgrajen spomin: 256MB RAM,
  • Pomnilniške kartice: Podpora za microSD / microSDHC pomnilniške kartice


  • Mere: 103.1*51.3*8.9
  • Teža: 135


Here’s some photos of the HDC S3 Mini. For more, just visit the FCT listing via the link on the bottom of this post.


HDC Galaxy S3 Mini

HDC Galaxy S3 Mini

HDC Galaxy S3 Mini - Temple Run

HDC Galaxy S3 Mini – Temple Run

HDC Galaxy S3 Mini - unboxing

HDC Galaxy S3 Mini – unboxing

HDC Galaxy S3 Mini - screen protector

HDC Galaxy S3 Mini – screen protector

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