HDC Galaxy S3 I9300 MTK6588 – Specs anmeldelse: Quad-core S3-klone med 4,8-tommers 1280×720 skjermen

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Noe, Dette lukter akkurat som beste Samsung Galaxy S3 knock-off fra HDC er her, den HDC Galaxy S3 I9300 med MTK6588 CPU. Den MT6588 brikkesett er en quad-core chip fra MediaTek, forventer et dyr telefon vil treffe oss med storm med denne siste og kommende Galaxy S3 klone fra HDC.

HDC Galaxy S3 Quad Core MT6588

HDC Galaxy S3 Quad Core MT6588

Den HDC Galaxy S3 I9300 MTK6588 unit is already listed on Fastcardtech, but its currently not on stock yet. They just have a test unit given by HDC, and they did an advance showcase of it. Just FYI, HDC always does this for their new products and so Fastcardtech is among the first to have their devices.

Back to the topic, let’s take a deeper look at this upcoming HDC Galaxy S3 I9300 MTK6588.


Den HDC Galaxy S3 I9300 sport en MTK6588 quad-core CPU, has a 4.8 inches screen with 1280×720 pixels screen resolution (HD), med 8 megapiksel kamera and runs on Android 4.0.4 with TouchWiz UI integrated as well.


HDC ones again brings us another variation of the Galaxy S3 knock-off. Now this HDC Galaxy S3 I9300 sport en MTK6588 Dual Core CPU som er klokket til 1.4 GHz. Paired with that is a Mali-400MP GPU, pretty much a sudden change on the trends of MediaTek’s GPU trend as it was used to be Imagine’s PowerVR GPUs.

Det kjører på Android 4.0 ICS ut av esken, and for sure is a multi-language supported enhet. Det er helt ulåst and guaranteed to work with any GSM carrier from all over the world. Ja, with 3G/WCDMA support. Device also support dual SIM, looks like no micro-SIM slot here but that’s okay.

Dette S3 knock-off now has a 4.8-tommers, just like the real S3 and unlike the previous 4.7screen on the HDC Galaxy S3 Pro. The screen is a multi-touch IPS touchscreen med 1280×720 pixels HD resolution. That’s one of the best number you can have for your smartphone screen, expect HD game and movie renders. Everything about the display is yes, impressive.

Its snapper set is as well a bit up on the edge compared to previous 8.0/0.3MP camera pair. This one has a 8.0 megapiksler hovedkameraet og 2.0 megapixels secondary snapper to give you better self-portrait shots and video calls.

HDC Galaxy S3 I9300 MTK6588

HDC Galaxy S3 I9300 MTK6588

Above photo shows 11633.6MB of memory size, it is not mentioned on the posted specs sheet. Not sure if that will be the internal memory for this phone since the photographed unit is just a test/engineer phone. Dette HDC Galaxy S3 I9300 MT6588 har 1GB RAM which is pretty much more than enough for any user. Storage memory can still be expanded with an external SD card støtte up to 64GB size.

Battery has 1980mAh vurdering kapasitet. It is above the average for most and older Android ICS China smartphones. Expect more app time and usage hours with this one.

HDC Galaxy S3 I9300 Specs

Here’s a rundown of the HDC Galaxy S3 I9300 specs:


  • Produsent: HDC
  • Model: HDC Galaxy S3 I9300 MTK6588
  • Telefon Stil: Bar, multi-touch skjerm, 4.8 tommers kapasitiv berøringsskjerm
  • Operativsystem: Android 4.0.4 OS
  • Prosessor: Quad-core MTK6588 1.4GHz


  • Skjermstørrelse: real 4.8 berøringsskjerm
  • Skjermoppløsning: 1280*720 piksler
  • Fargestøtte: 16 millioner farger
  • Screen Technology: Multi-touch skjerm, IPS


  • 8MP ryggekamera
  • 2.0 MP kamera foran
  • digital zoom


  • Overføringsteknologi: GSM + WCDMA
  • Nettverk Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz + WCDMA 850/2100MHz
  • Data Technology: EDGE, GPRS
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • WLan: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b / g
  • USB: USB 2.0
  • GPS: GPS / A-GPS (Innebygd GPS-brikkesett)


  • Batteri: Li-on batteri(1980mAh)
  • Standby tid: 150-200 timer


  • Innebygd minne: 1GB RAM,
  • Minnekort: Støtte microSD / microSDHC-minnekort, up to 64GB, support App2SD


  • Dimensjoner: 136.1*70.3*8.6
  • Vekt: 135

Innholdet i pakken

  • 1 * HDC Galaxy S3 I9300 MTK6588 Android Phone
  • 1 * Reiselader
  • 1 * USB datakabel
  • 1 * Hodetelefon
  • 1 * Manuell

Antutu Benchmark Test Result

Again for the geeks, here’s an impressive number as scored by this HDC Galaxy S3 I9300 MTK6588Antutu Benchmark Test app. Even though it doesnt beat the score of the genuine thing, 8950 is already a way up higher score compared to the previous MT6577 dual core devices. 6000+ being the highest score from the HDC Galaxy S3 Plus as recorded.

HDC Galaxy S3 I9300 MTK6588 AnTuTu

HDC Galaxy S3 I9300 MTK6588 AnTuTu

I believe it can still be improved as the said device isn’t yet finalized and is still undergoing testing phase.


There isnt much photos of this yet but you can always head on FCT listing for updates on photos. Just click here. Vel, it is still the same Galaxy S3 that we have been seeing. As posted by FCT, it will come with such color variants: Hvit, Ice Blue, and Red Wine. Cool, huh.


Definitely a tempting and smart buy. If you haven’t had the chance to get a HDC Galaxy S3, then this one is your best opportunity to have one. This device is cheaper than the other upcoming Chinese quad-core Android phones out there. If you have the bucks and is desiring an S3 phone, then wait for and get this one.

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