HDC கேலக்ஸி S3 G9300: 4.7-அங்குல qHD திரை, 1ஜிபி ரேம், dual-core MT6577 அண்ட்ராய்டு 4.1 வெறும் ஐந்து JellyBean $149

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It has been long since I featured products from FCT, as you might observed. But now, its back as there has been a lot of new addition on the store’s listings. இப்பொழுது, what we have in feature on this post is the HDC கேலக்ஸி S3 G9300.

There are lots of HDC கேலக்ஸி S3‘s already but this one just looks really interesting.

Short, அந்த HDC கேலக்ஸி S3 G9300 விளையாட்டு ஒரு MTK6577 dual core CPU மணிக்கு clocked 1.2 GHz, has 1ரேம் ஜிபி, 4.7 inches qHD screen and runs on ஆண் போன்ற 4.1.1 JellyBean.

HDC Galaxy S3

HDC கேலக்ஸி S3

You are not able to get these specs on those previous S3 knock-offs we had seen. The interesting part here is, it just costs $149!

You get an S3 clone, with a really nice screen, a fast processor, a whooping 1GB of RAM and the latest Android JellyBean operating system!

Below is a short rundown of the HDC Galaxy S3 G9300 specs and features:

HDC Galaxy S3 G9300 Features and Specifications

  • HDC கேலக்ஸி S3 G9300
  • ஆண் போன்ற 4.1.1 OS
  • MTK6577 Dual Core 1.2GHz
  • 4.7 inch QHD (960*540 பிக்சல்கள்), 16 million colors multi-touch screen
  • 8எம்.பி. பின்புற கேமரா + 1.3 எம்.பி. முன் கேமரா
  • இரட்டை சிம், no 3G only EDGE.
  • பீரங்கி படை: 2100mAh லி-இல் பேட்டரி
  • 1ஜிபி ரேம்
  • 4ஜிபி ரோம்

If you want to know more about this phone, you can ask the seller via the product listing page. On that page you can also see more pictures of the phone, and some proof of its specs and features. Click the link at the end of this post.

I see the only downside of this phone is its lack of 3G connectivity. Hence that might be the cost-cutting reason but still overall the other parameters make this phone a really good buy at that really cheaper price tag.


If you are really wanting a S3 knock-off phone, with really good overall specs and performance capability, then you’ll never go wrong with this one. Plus if you are into a budget then at less than $150, its all yours then. Buy this!


  • really nice looking S3 knock-off
  • fast dual-core processor, good performer on HD gaming and HQ multimedia playback
  • very nice screen display
  • 1ரேம் ஜிபி
  • 8 megapixels camera
  • high battery capacity


  • no 3G just EDGE
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