HDC Galaxy S3 EX aktualizácia: aka hviezda B92M – MT6577, HD obrazovky, 1GB RAM, 12MP

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Tu je ďalší Galaxy S3 klon z HDC. Vyzerá to, že je tak oveľa lepšie ako predchádzajúce HDC Galaxy S3'S, ktorá bola vydaná mesiaci Cesta späť pred. Tento nový S3 knock-off, sa nazýva: the HDC Galaxy S3 EX or HDC Galaxy S3 Extreme aka Star B92M.

Let’s check out what this new HDC Galaxy S3 EX mať pre nás. Chytiť našu recenziu HDC Galaxy S3 EX, naše dojmy, Pozrite si ďalšie obrázky, poznať špecifikácia, cena, a ak si chcete kúpiť tento HDC Galaxy S3 EX po krátkej prestávke.

If you have been following the HDC Galaxy S3 clones chronology, there was there was this two most known HDC Galaxy S3 versions; the Pro a the Plus. But both aren’t perfect and have their own flaw. But with this one, I am hoping that this is just the right replacement update for those HDC Galaxy S3 units.

FYI: The HDC Galaxy S3 EX is just the same as the Star B92M.

I do not know how come HDC had named it that way, or it might be just Fastcardtech. But knowing that this device is from Star, it just signals that it has chances that you cannot go wrong with this S3 clone unlike the previous HDC release.

Let’s proceed on reviewing its specs.

HDC Galaxy S3 EX aka Star B92M Review

HDC Galaxy S3 EX

HDC Galaxy S3 EX

Stručný, this Galaxy S3 clone or Star B92M has the following highlights:

  • Dual Core MT6577 1.2 GHz CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4.7-inch IPS screen, HD
  • 12 megapixelov fotoaparát
  • Dual SIM with 3G
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS

The HDC Galaxy S3 EX is now hailed as the new dual core king with respect to the other devices under the MT6577 category. It seems that its based on the Antutu Score it managed to get which is yes, pretty much impressive.

Star B92M

Star B92M/HDC Galaxy S3 EX

The HDC Galaxy S3 EX aka Star B92M runs on Android 4.0 ICS po vybalení z krabice. No idea when or will it be possible to have a JB update, but I think the ICS is good enough at the moment for any Android nowadays. It supports multiple languages that the Android 4.0 system supports, and the good thing with Fastcardtech, you can request a language to be pre-set on the phone that will be shipped to you when you make an order.

The HDC Galaxy S3 EX sports a dual-core MT6577 CPU chipset, taktovaný na 1,2 GHz. It is then match with a PowerVR-type GPU. Knowing that it has a MTK6577 chipset, we can be assured that this device is able to play HD games smoothly or play and process high quality multimedia files.

HDC Galaxy S3 EX

HDC Galaxy S3 EX

It is also beefed up with a 1GB of RAM, which is perfect for seamless multi-tasking, allowing simultaneous applications running on background. That also makes it possible for the device to handle HD games better.

Its internal memory is a bit of underwhelming, but I think its for the reason to have the other higher-end specs and maintain a very low pricing. It only has 512MB of internal memory, but its not really that important as you should be fine with the external SD storage which is up to 32 GB max. supported.

I have a 2.5 GB internal storage on my current phone but just used a little less than 500MB and a somehow near full 2GB micro SD, that is why I can say that a lower internal memory isn’t an issue at all. Its all in the external SD card.

HDC Galaxy S3 EX

vivid display at 4.7

The Star B92M/HDC Galaxy S3 EX is slated with a 4.7-inches screen, just like the previous S3 clones. But the quality of this screen is similar with the popular JiaYu G3 pri 1280 x 720 pixelov. It is multi-touch IPS, overall the screen is impressive. Expect very clear, vivid and crisp displays with this screen specification.

HDC Galaxy S3 EX

HDC Galaxy S3 EX 12 MP camera

Má 12 megapixels main camera and a 1.3 MP on the secondary snapper. While we just know that the MT6577 can only support up to 8MP max, a 12MP is for the MTK6588, this just reminds me of how they did turn the camera of ZOPO ZP100/Star B79M from 5MP to 8MP. I guess they just had made this HDC Galaxy S3 EX/Star B92M to support up to 4000 x 3000 px on image sizes. But we all know that MP size is not always important. The rear camera has flash.

The phone is dual-SIM, and has 3G support. It is totally unlocked so it will work on any carriers worldwide. For frequency band reference, check out the spec sheet below. 3G/WCDMA is only supported on one SIM which can be on any slot. No micro-SIM mentioned so I guess it just supports regular SIM.

Other features of a standard Android smartphone such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM rádio, GPS, sensors, etc., are present.

HDC Galaxy S3 EX

HDC Galaxy S3 EX battery shows real 2000mAh

The HDC Galaxy S3 EX has an overwhelming Li-on battery rated at 2000mAh capacity. From Fastcardtech, they pack it with 2 pieces of 2000mAh battery, and I do not know on the other shops that sells the Star B92M. With that big mAh rating, you can expect for a longer usage time of your Android phone compared to those that barely lasts for just less than a day.

HDC Galaxy S3 EX aka Star B92M Specifications and Features

Listed below are the specs of this Galaxy S3 EX / Star B92M that are worth mentioning:

Model: HDC Galaxy S3 i9300 EX / Hviezda B92M


  • OS: Android 4.0 ICS, multi-jazyková podpora
  • CPU: Dual-core MTK6577 1.2GHz
  • 1GB RAM


  • 4.7-inches, IPS
  • 1280*720 pixelov, HD
  • 16 miliónov farieb


  • 12MP (hlavný)
  • 1.3MP (predná strana)
  • with flash


  • GSM + WCDMA (Dual SIM)
  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • WCDMA 850/2100MHz
  • Data Technology: EDGE, GPRS
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b / g
  • USB 2.0
  • GPS / A-GPS (Vstavaný GPS chipset)

2 * 2000mAh Li-on batéria

Cena: $209.99 na Fastcardtech

HDC Galaxy S3 EX aka Star B92M Photos

Below are some more photos of the HDC Galaxy S3 EX or Star B92M. Check it out on Fastcardtech to see more photos, system and technical detail proofs, updates and other user reviews. Click here.

HDC Galaxy S3 EX/Star B92M

HDC Galaxy S3 EX/Star B92M

view 1

1:1 S3 clone from the outside!

lower back part.

upper back part

HDC Galaxy S3 EX/Star B92M

HDC Galaxy S3 EX/Star B92MICS dial pad.

HDC Galaxy S3 EX aka Star B92M Videos

Here are a couple of videos with this device. One is unboxing and short showcase demo, and the next one is a HD gaming test. Videos are not mine.


The HDC Galaxy S3 EX seems like nothing but a good alternative for the previous S3 Pro. After all, I can say that this is the best Samsung Galaxy S3 clone that you can get at this moment, with that decent value for the money as it is just plain cheap and almost the same price of that previously popular S3 knock-off.

Get this if you want to own a Galaxy S3 but dont have that less than a thousand bucks to shell out and give to Samsung. This one already have that high-end specs, yet the price is just really cheaply affordable.

Only a slightly obvious difference is, there is no Samsung logo. Však, you can request for that when you order at FCT, they provide that for free.

Teraz, it might be hard for other people to decide which phone to get, the JiaYu G3 or this one? Dobre, I guess it just now boils down on design preference and who’s willing to wait. As we know that the G3 is still not on the full surface on the market.

So the question now is, do you want a Galaxy S3 but don’t have the money to buy the real one? Then getting this HDC Galaxy S3 or Star B92M is never a bad decision.

Star B92M

Hviezda B92M / HDC Galaxy S3 EX

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