HDC கேலக்ஸி குறிப்பு i9220: நேரடி புகைப்படங்கள்

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Fastcardtech once again provided us a photo set of the HDC கேலக்ஸி குறிப்பு i9220 that we had previously featured here on this site. நன்றாக, அதன் ஒரு 5.3-inch Android ICS with dual-core MT6577 cpu, pretty much one that tops the phablet category before the HDC கேலக்ஸி குறிப்பு 2 gets slated on the market.

Here’s some photos of the the HDC கேலக்ஸி குறிப்பு i9220 MT6577 for your pleasure:

In case you missed it, check out this link for our HDC Galaxy Note i9220 MT6577 review.

For a complete set of what this HDC Galaxy Note i9220 has to offer us, just click this link to view it on Fastcardtech listing.

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