HDC Galaxia Oharra 2 GT H7100: 5.4-hazbeteko dual core qHD Android 4.1 JellyBean, bakarrik tasatuak $155

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Just another HDC Galaxia Oharra 2 aldaera hemen, baina gero berriro bat eskailerak hau specs itxuraz hobea Android on bat lortu du 4.1 JellyBean koadroan. To Gora off, hau HDC Galaxia Oharra 2 GT H7100 is just priced at $155.

Might be a better shot than the previous clones right? Price just says it is, but let’s dwell on the specifics on why it had a marked down price.

Overall, I just can say that its the same HDC Galaxy Note 2 that we have been seeing. Those knock-offs that were introduced earlier has a price tag of $200 in minimum. But this one, its at sub $160.

HDC Galaxy Note 2 GT H7100

HDC Galaxia Oharra 2 GT H7100

Here’s a rundown on the highlight of HDC Galaxia Oharra 2 GT H7100 specs:

HDC Galaxia Oharra 2 GT H7100 Specs and Features

  • Dual Core MT6577 cpu
  • 5.4 inches qHD, 5-point touch capacitive screen, 960 x 540 pixel
  • Android 4.1.1 JellyBean
  • 8-megapixels main camera with flash
  • Dual SIM, 3G/WCDMA batera
  • 512MB RAM / 512MB ROM
  • 3100mAh battery

For a complete list of the specs and features of this HDC Galaxia Oharra 2 GT H7100, just click on the link at the end of this article. It will redirect you to the listing page of this product, and from there you can have the chance to ask queries about this product straight from the seller. You can also see more photos, benchmark screenshots, and specs proof on that page.

As you might notice, the one thing that nerfed here is the internal memory. From the usual 4GB of ROM on configuration with these phones, this one only have 512MB of internal storage space you can use.

Hala eta guztiz ere, I guess that isnt much of a problem. Since from ICS, the Android system prioritize the usage of SD card so unless you have a card with big capacity, you wont have any storage space outage problems.

The battery rating capacity is a plus factor as well. Expect more than the usual app time and phone usage with that 3100mAh, which is nearly close to what the real Note 2 offers.

Here’s a video of the HDC Galaxia Oharra 2 GT H7100 if you might want to watch:

HDC Galaxia Oharra 2 GT H7100 Hands-on Video


If you want that bigger screen then the this Note 2 knock-off is never a bad choice. Ever since HDC outed a note 2 klonatzean, I cant help but recommend this one as the qHD level of screen resolution is pretty nice to go with the 5.4 hazbeteko pantaila. For a really cheaper price tag, this is a steal already if you are really on tight budget.

You get a package of really nice specs; such as good performer cpu and gpu, nice screen, good camera, and everything else. Always a good deal, buy this.

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