HDC கேலக்ஸி குறிப்பு 2 arrived, review coming up soon.

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So I finally have the HDC கேலக்ஸி குறிப்பு 2 PRO which I ordered some months ago. It was being hold by the customs in our country, and that was the annoying part. I will post a video hands-on soon, an in-depth review, some tips/tweaks/how to’s articles, and everything related to this very nice note 2 knock-off I got from Fastcardtech.

HDC Galaxy Note 2 PRO from Fastcardtech.com

HDC கேலக்ஸி குறிப்பு 2 PRO from Fastcardtech.com

Overall, I can say that this is a really awesome phone. What makes it more awesome is, there is already some other and newer alternatives to your choices if you are looking forward on buying a Note 2 நகலி. If you have no idea yet on what I am talking about, check out my first feature of this phablet or the latest best buy for Note 2 நகலி.

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