Гоопхоне И6 – Спецификације преглед: иПхоне 4С клон МТ6577 Андроид са 8МП камера и Ретина екран

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The Гоопхоне И6 је још један улаз са ГПхоне на иПхоне 4С клонови категорија, ово МТ6577 Андроид ОС кноцк-офф is yet another иПхоне клон да размотри. То је планирано пуштање у истом пејсмејкера ​​како КуПхоне 4С С9 са МТ6577 процесор као.

Goophone Y6

Гоопхоне И6

This yet another iPhone 4S knock-off sports the latest MTK6577 CPU клокован на 1.2ГХз Dual Core chip that is really a fast CPU specifications matched with a ГПУ at a processing power that is clocked at 800MHz. This phone is undeniably a decent and fast performer on HD gaming and multimedia experience.

Он ради на Андроид 2.3.6 Gingerbread. The only thing that makes me think why it isn’t on Android ICS is because of the reason to maintain the near-perfect Apple’s iPhone OS user interface. You can see it on the pictures, from the settings screens andslide-to-unlock” екран. Everything just feels like the same UI of the iPhone. Још, Gingerbread isn’t bad at all.

Уосталом, you can always switch on which UI you want to use on the settings. Just select between Apple iOS UI and Android UI.

It has support on many languages such as: Languages: Енглески, Индонезијски, Малајски, Немачки, Шпански, Французи, Италијан, Португалски, Вијетнамски, Турски, Руски, Арапски, Тајландски, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese. Other languages can be requested upon your order check-out so it will be preset on the Goophone Y6 that will be shipped.

There is also a decent number on the memory side of the Y6, the RAM is 512MB while the ROM is a 4GB that is still expandable up to 32GB with an external SD card.

Она има 3.5 inches capacitive multi-touch screen, same as the real iPhone and also have Retina display at a DVGA resolution са 960×640 пиксела. Its an indication of a very clear, crisp and vivid looking display. Touch points is up to 5-тачке додира max.

It make sense that this China phone isn’t a dual SIM capable but is only a Један СИМ. Knowing that the supported SIM on the slot is only a micro-SIM, its definitely an iPhone clone. Она има 3Г / ВЦДМА support, totally unlocked and will work on any GSM carriers in the world.

Here’s why it is better than the KuPhone 4S, the Гоопхоне И6 has an 8.0 megapixels main camera at rear. Obviously, it will output better image shots. The secondary snapper is a 0.3 мегапиксела and has support with video calling even at Skype.

Goophone Y6

Гоопхоне И6

Goophone Y6 Specs and Features

Процесор: MTK MT6577 CPU 1.2GHz + GPU 800MHz

ОС: Андроид 2.3.6

Languages: multilanguage


  • РАМ : 512 Мб
  • РОМ : 4 МБ
  • Built-in Memory Card (4 МБ / 16 МБ / 32 МБ)


  • Величина: 115.35 к 58.45 к 9.38 мм
  • Тежина: 138 г


  • 3.5 inch Capacitive multi-touch
  • Retina screen
  • DVGA resolution
  • 960 к 640 пиксела
  • Supports 5 тачке додира


  • Један СИМ (micro SIM card only)
  • ГСМ:850/900/1800/1900 МХз
  • WCDMA 3G: 900/2100 МХз
  • Подржава ГСМ услугу широм света


  • Црн
  • White

ГПС: Built-in GPS, supports A-GPS


  • Bluetooth A2DP
  • WIFI:802.11b/g wireless internet
  • УСБ 2.0


  • Назад: 8.0 Mega pixel camera with auto focus and flash
  • max pixel size of images: 2560 к 1920
  • Фронт 0.3 mega pixel
  • Подржава снимање видеа


  • Г-сензор
  • Близина сензор
  • Сензор
  • Accelerator Sensor
  • FM radio
  • U disk support function

Батерија: Built-in Li-ion Battery at 1800 mAh rating


  • Слушалица / 3.5 мм аудио прикључак
  • УСБ кабл
  • Пуњач

Цена: $229.00

Goophone Y6

Гоопхоне И6


If you could notice, it is slightly more expensive than the KuPhone 4S S9. Добро, that is somewhat a decision factor. I still like the КуПхоне 4С over this one as it has better battery rating and I don’t think that the 8MP will be very much of good use to me. The user interface however just seems like a perfect asset.

Here are some of the interesting points of this Goophone Y6:

  • good screen, accurate size and 1:1 physical appearance
  • fast and high-end hardware specs
  • 8MP camera
  • has FM radio support, of course.

Још, with what you can see on the Гоопхоне И6, its obviously a decent iPhone 4S clone. It can be hardly recognized that it is actually a China phone and just an iPhone knock-off. With metallic casing and everything iPhone, the Гоопхоне И6 is definitely worth the bucks. You can check it out on the link below for more technical information and photos. Take note that the Goophone Y6 isn’t released yet. Expect that the posted specifications might change. Different resources have different specs details listed on their sites, its a little bit confusing; well honestly. So let’s just wait for the final confirmation of the information about this new Goophone Y6. I will update this once we finally have the verified data.

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