Z-Me Changhong – चश्मा समीक्षा: 4-123USD के लिए सिर्फ इंच HDMI के साथ दोहरी कोर

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Another attention grabber with its कीमत, बस के लिए $123 you’ll have a Qualcomm-type dual-core device साथ 4.02″ स्क्रीन and has support for HDMI-out; in the name of CHANGHONG Z-Me. Sounds new for me, let’s take this phone for a specs review.



Changhong Z-Me Review

I do not know much about the brand Changhong, but even I find the name weird enough, this offer is kinda tempting. For someone with a very tight budget, then this Changhong Z-Me is a good choice, lets find out more why.

The Changhong Z-Me sports a dual-core Qualcomm MSM8255 CPU chip अर्थात clocked at 1GHz speed. It is nicknamed asspeed-king”, I do not know if on what category but with that we can expect that this one is a fast performing phone already.

उस पर चलाता है आदमी के समान 2.3.7 GingerBread only, I do not know why its not on ICS or if it will have an ICS update sometime in the future; but let’s hope. It has a pretty nice looking UI as you can see on the photo above.

It has a 4.02 inches screen, it is TFT as stated on the reference pictures but the intention of listing it as IPS by Fastcardtech to grab our attention is pretty much successful. We cannot demand an IPS screen from a price tag like what we have with this one. Screen is a FWVGA at 480 x 854 पिक्सेल संकल्प, which is decent.

It is packed with a 4GB ROM and 512MB RAM. A good set of numbers already, as you can still expand the internal storage with an external SD card supporting at 32GB max size and the RAM is pretty much more than sufficient enough for any type of users, even multi-taskers.



It has dual-camera, from which the main is a 5.0 megapixels with flash and uses a CMOS type image sensor for clearer image captures. The front-facing, माध्यमिक कैमरा है एक 0.3 सांसद. Snappers support digital zoom and video recording.

Since it isnt mentioned, it may not be a dual-SIM phone but it supports 3G and is totally unlocked. The HDMI out is a plus feature as you cannot normally get this one from cheap Android phones, and it isnt as well common even for those of higher price.



This will definitely be another hot-sell if it is being sold here locally in our country, as for the people here are looking for cheaper Android phones yet ending up with junks. This one, with its very low price-tag, you’ll get more value for your money.

Changhong Z-Me Specs

ओएस: आदमी के समान 2.3.7

सीपीयू: Qualcomm MSM8255


  • 4.0 इंच, TFT
  • 480 x 854 पिक्सल
  • 26 लाख रंग
  • Touch screen type, capacitive


  • रैम: 512एमबी
  • ROM: 4जीबी
  • expandable with a 32GB SD card at max

HDMI out: हां

Flash Player: हां

3G support: हां


  • 5.0 mega pixels main
  • 0.3mp front-facing, माध्यमिक
  • Sensor type: CMOS
  • Zoom mode digital zoom camera
  • एलईडी फ्लैश
  • Video capture support

1410mAh Lithium-ion battery

For more photos, updates and other detailed information, you can check out the Changhong Z-Me from this link.

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