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The HDC Galaxy S6 EX Golden is one of the cheapest and

HDC Galaxy S5 Lte: Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Gear 2 Klon

HDC is obviously taking the knock-off market into a newer level,

7 Android Phones under $100

Low on budget for a new Android phone? Dobre, here is

HDC Galaxy S5 GT-i9600: S5 clone coming soon?

Dobre, here they goes again. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is not

Doogee TURBO DG2014: 5.5mm thin Quad Core under $150

This phone sounds odd, the Doogee TURBO DG2014 reminds me of

Bird Dragon XLMT6592Review and Specifications

The Bird Dragon XL is a new eyecandy for the MTK6592

GFIVE G11: MT6592 Octa-Core at $189

GFIVE G11, another cheap MTK6592 Octa Core Android phone. To má

Ulefone U9592: Cheapest Octa-Core S4 Clone with 2GB RAM at $188

The Ulefone U9592 is another Galaxy S4 clone but with MT6592

HDC Galaxy Note 3 VitasSpecifications and Review

The HDC Galaxy Note 3 Vitas is a new Galaxy Note

KiPhone i5S Videos

The KiPhone i5S is an awesome iPhone 5S clone you might

Xiaomi Red Rice: Specifications ReviewCheap LTE MIUI v5 Phone

If you ever want to own an LTE phone, but in

KiPhone 5C: a cheaper iPhone 5C clone

The Kiphone 5C is a perfectly-looking iPhone 5C clone with a