7 Android Phones under $100

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Low on budget for a new Android phone? Well, here is a list of China phones you might consider getting now as their prices are unbelievably low. These are Android phones, they are low on price but not on the specifications and performance it can deliver.

Buy now at $99

Utime U100S

The Utime U100S is almost an unheard phone model, but now it is trying to capture your attention. It has a MT6582 Quad Core processor that is clocked at 1.3GHz, has 4.5 inches display, runs on Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean and is priced at just $99 right now.

$99 is just a promotional pricing. It also comes with a free leather case, which adds more value to what you can save. Not just that, it is also eligible for free shipping promotion.

This Utime U100S is one of the cheapest quad-core phones I saw in the market right now. It has dual-SIM support and it is definitely a bang-for-the-buck Chinese Android phone. To know more about the details, complete specifications and more photos of the Utime U100S, click here.

Buy now at $93

KiPhone 5C

We had already made a feature of the KiPhone 5C (and KiPhone 5S). This is one of the best iPhone 5C/5S clones in the market right now.

Original price is $103, only $93 now. To know more about the KiPhone 5C, click here.

Buy now at $95

ZTE N909

ZTE is a much more well-known brand in this China phone market. Here goes another cheap quad-core from ZTE, the ZTE N909. It is slated with a 4.5 inches of IPS display. It sports a MSM8625Q Quad Core processor with a clock speed of 1.2GHz.

Its 1GB RAM made it even a better choice under this price bracket. It also has 4GB internal storage and runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean system

Promo price: $95, eligible for free shipping.

To know more about the complete specifications and more photos of the ZTE N909click here.

Buy now at $69

Lenovo A390T

Lenovo A390T

Lenovo is another big player in the China phone market. It is well known internationally. The Lenovo A390T made its cut under our list at just $69 right now. It might be an old unit, but the MT6577 dual core chip is still a decent performer.

The Lenovo A390T is 4.0-inch, MTK6577 Dual Core, Android 4.0 ICS phone with 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage.

To know more about the Lenovo A390T, click here.
Buy now at $99

Star N8000+

The Star brand made its name through the years by offering Galaxy knock-off’s as well. This Star N8000+ is not a new story. It has Android 4.0 out of the box with MTK6577 dual core processor. It stands out with other Android phones out there as it supports TV function. It has 5.0 inches display and has 8.0 megapixels camera.

Only $99 right now.

For more details on the specs, and more photos of the Star N8000+, click here.

Buy now at $72

Haipad Galaxy S3 i9300

The Haipad Galaxy S3 i9300 is one of the infamous Galaxy S3 clone existed. It sports an unpopular SP8810 chip with 1.0GHz processor. It packs a 512MB RAM under a 4.7 inches display of a S3 knock-off body.

It is now only at $72 right now, but I do not recommend this unit at all as there are still other better picks from this list.

Click here for the full specifications of the Haipad Galaxy S3 i9300.

Buy now at $89


The last one on our list isn’t really a phone, but more of a tablet due to its size. It has 7 inches display.

The VOOSOO V73 has 7 inches of HD 1024×600 pixels, IPS capactive display. It is equipped with Qualcomm7227-A processor, a GPS chip, 3G features, dual SIM slots, 5.0 megapixels camera and bluetooth.

With those features, it is simply an Android phone at a really large display. Originally at $159, but now only at $89.

For more photos and details on the specifications of the VOOSOO V73click here.

Final words

There is nothing wrong picking a cheaper phone. Yes it is not the latest octa-core Android phone, but considering the price and specifications; it can be considered to be a steal. If your budget really matter for a new phone, I advice you to look at these phones. If you are going to consider a higher budget, then stay tuned for the next posts as I will be also making a list for great buys at under $150, under $200, under $250 and so on.

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